so you wanna f*ck your co-worker? lets font about it…

as you know,
i have had my share of “males i wanted to fuck at work“.
the main work wolf saga brought many of you to my yard.
it’s no shocker that we may find some of our co-workers fine.
there is always a fine-ass co-worker OR the one that’s “cute by default“.
if we do end up smashin’ them,
we may end up fuckin’ up our money and mental health in the end.
so i did the foxhole a solid.
i made pros and cons about workplace fuckin’…

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the cons in content creating

i always get messages about how to start a blog.
it’s even in the sentence.

no one tells folks the cons of content creating.
the things that you have to be ready for than tips,
and cheat codes.
i decided to start a masterclass on those cons.
here is number 1

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