the “un-jabbed” might need to build a colony in central park

i feel like life is about to be on some “the walking dead” shit.
we already got 125th and lex looking like they shooting a zombie takeover scene.
i mean having various colonies and segregated areas.

“Un-Jabbed Only!”
“Un-Vaccinated Not Welcome!”

…and those are on the t-shirts in the welcome packets.

i have many un-jabbed friends who are planning on leaving new yawk.
ever since they announced the mandates,
they have felt personally singled out by these new rules.
even though i got my first jab,
i don’t even blame them.

It isn’t fun when you’re treated like an outcast by society.

to get everyone on the same page,
this is where folks can’t go if they haven’t been jabbed.
it is called “key to nyc” pass,
which doesn’t make it sound too “nah nah nee boo boo”

Indoor dining​

Catering halls
Event spaces
Hotel banquet rooms
Grocery stores with indoor dining
Coffee shops
Fast food/quick service with indoor dining

Indoor entertainment​

Movie theaters
Live music
Concert venues
Museums and galleries
Aquariums and zoos
Professional sports arenas
Convention centers
Exhibition halls
Performing arts theaters
Bowling alleys
Pool and billiard halls
Recreational game centers
Adult entertainment

Indoor fitness​

Fitness centers
Indoor classes
Fitness studios
Dance studios
Sports classes

next will be laundromats,
and your building.

if you are jabbed,
you can either bring around that disrespectful ass card or use a vaccine passport in ny.
read more about: nyc safe app | new york state excelsior app

tip: take a picture of your card,
mark it as a favorite,
and show that when going places.

this is truly turning into “the haves and the have nots“,
no tyler perry.
many of the un-jabbed are thinking of migrating to places like florida and texas.
as you know,
those two states are in another dimension that the rona doesn’t exist.
i won’t lie to you…

I find it really wild folks are planning to just relocate just off the strength of this.

…but i get it.
we are all adults who have to make certain choices,
but it’s fucked up when folks aren’t given a choice.

lowkey: is this shit really gonna work in the long run?
businesses are already struggling in new yawk.
i feel this is gonna do more harm than good.

article cc: pix 11

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “the “un-jabbed” might need to build a colony in central park”

  1. Are the “Unvaccinated” afraid to get the vaccine? Or do they feel it is a right to not be vaccinated?

    They may just have to leave New York and be prepared to relocate to another planet . New York often sets trends and if we don’t get this under control the rest of the United States will follow .

    1. ^thats what i’m saying.
      the other states down south are gonna fold so what’s next?
      another country?
      what’s the end game here because they are gonna eventually corner folks.

      1. True. “Its their body” .My body is vaccinated . I did it for me and to avoid infecting others and to stop this F@cking Virus!!!

        Perhaps they are ok with being “On the outside”.

        I am from the Midwest and have always seen New York as the Center of the world !!!
        [Seriously, I wanted to move there] New York has everything and anything !

        I am shocked that someone who lives there would rather move than get a Vaccine .

        That so “UN- New YAWK”. Perhaps they need to move and will be happier elsewhere.

  2. 99.9% of all hospitalizations from Covid are unvaxxed people. It’s so funny and stupid that the people who dont trust science to lessen their chance of dying from Covid run right to science to save their asses when they are dyng from it. All that anti-vaxx bullshit they stand on goes out the window when they need saving. States arent going to force people to get jabbed, they’ll just make life harder if you dont. AND THEY SHOULD. Covid rates are not getting better, they’re getting worse. It’s time out for all this bullshit. If we’re ever going to get back to some normalcy, the unvaxxed are either going to have to get vaxxed, or live like outcasts..oh well.

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