i got my phatty filled and apparently that man juice wasn’t good (enough)?

we’ve got a new thing to stan for these days.
it’s not a new singing diva with long hair and great choreography.

It’s the curvy bottles with the potential rona protection from the various vaccines.

folks are hee-hawing over which vaccine they got.
we got the “moderna gang”,
“j&j crew”,
and “pzifer phattys” taking the stage.

i know.
folks don’t evolve from being dorks.
aside from that,
i am a bit concerned about the jab i got tho…

I’m a “Pfizer Phatty” and allegedly this shit isn’t as effective as Moderna???

i saw this article and got instantly filled with dread:

Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine appeared to have a higher effectiveness rate compared with the Pfizer vaccine during the period of time when the Delta variant first became predominant, researchers reported.

While both vaccines were highly protective against infection from January to July in Minnesota (Moderna 86%, Pfizer 76%), their effectiveness estimates declined during the month of July, with an estimate of 76% for Moderna (95% CI 69-81) and 42% for Pfizer (95% CI 13-62), reported Venky Soundararajan, PhD, of nference, a healthcare research company in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and colleagues.


Why didn’t they tell me this shit so I had a choice in the jab?

if what was injected into my bawdy ain’t worth shit,
wtf are they making this even mandatory?
many folks out here got pfizer,
only to be told you might not be as “protected” as the rest.
not only that,
they talking about booster shots in 8 months:

U.S. health experts are expected to recommend COVID-19 vaccine boosters for all Americans, regardless of age, eight months after they received their second dose of the shot, to ensure lasting protection against the coronavirus as the delta variant spreads across the country.

Federal health officials have been actively looking at whether extra shots for the vaccinated would be needed as early as this fall, reviewing case numbers in the U.S. as well as the situation in other countries such as Israel, where preliminary studies suggest the vaccine’s protection against serious illness dropped among those vaccinated in January.

An announcement on the U.S. booster recommendation was expected as soon as this week, according to two people familiar with the matter who spoke to The Associated Press on the condition of anonymity to discuss internal deliberations.

let’s clap,

pfizer phatties…

…because this has become a shit show of epic proportions.
i don’t know when tf we will even see out of this doom we are in.

article cc: business insider | ap 

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “i got my phatty filled and apparently that man juice wasn’t good (enough)?”

  1. I find it unfortunate that people are continuing to inject stuff into their body and it seems there are too many unknowns. Meanwhile, from the beginning some scientists have warned that increases of radiation might be the cause of this “covid” issue. The telecommunications industry has such a stronghold on this issue that most people won’t even consider it a possibility, even though the science is there.And who exactly has said that such a possibility is “fake news?” The TRUTH is that the FCC has been IGNORING scientific data that shows radiation from wireless devices is harmful. on August 13, 2021 the FCC lost in a lawsuit that will now force them to explain why they have ignored scientific data that radiation from wireless devices is harmful. Of course this hasnt been on the news because the telecommunications industry has everything on lock! But read for yourself!!!!!!!!!




    wake up!

    1. Ok and if it’s true what are you going to do about it? Send smoke signals when you need to contact someone? I hate when people put forth this argument from a place of condescension and don’t do shit themselves to take a stand. Until you’re ready to “wake up” and do something (i.e.- design a phone that emits less radiation, etc.) then get off your soapbox!

  2. The “logic” is any experimental gene therapy is better than nothing.
    And of course when people who have taken all of these shots pass away, they get quiet or say “they had underlying conditions”…even when they didn’t.

  3. At times, I have overindulged in too much information searching. I took the Pfizer vaccine. We must have some faith that our obedience will yield the desirable outcome. I have researched and read, read, read way too much and slightly obsessed about the efficacy of the available vaccines and it is just ” enough already”.
    I came home thinking that I should have the nurse bring the vial to me to be sure it’s not water in the syringe.
    I am going to leave it up to God, and cast all this care upon Him. It’s not my burden any longer. Worry and stress creates psychosomatic symptoms. Cancerians oughta know. Doctors should shut the fuck up, sometimes. This an awful age to deal with a pandemic. Americans are just haughty and self righteous and over entitled and delusional to just do the right thing as a collective body. James Comey is the shit stain that opened the floodgate for this wave of pessimistic madness we endure.

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