The Fox Who Has “Ha Ha Bitch!” On His Updated Resume


once upon a time,
there was a black fox at my job who they did dirty.
i didn’t know him personally,
but i saw him around a few times.

one day,
i realized i didn’t see him anymore.
he use to wear the nicest suits and bow ties.
he was also liked by many.
when i asked what happened to him,
they told me he was laid off.


i was talking to thing 2 about the job and how fucked up it is.
the fox’s name came up.
i was told he was at the company for 5 years and busted his ass.
he had no complaints on his record,
always came in on time,
and often stayed late to help his department.
all it took was someone in a higher position to “not like him”.
he went from “favorite” to “on the chopping block”.
they put him through hell so he could quit,
but they ended up laying him off instead.

well after a few months of being laid off,
i was told he found a much better job.
he works for a popular entertainment company and makes bank.
80k a year kind of bank.
the crazy part is his department is now a mess.
they still haven’t gotten it together since.

7DAA0044-F38C-4040-87E6-03902F51C045_zpscblyv7dkthe moral of the story is this…

you will be done wrong in life,
but if your heart is clean,
you will be blessed.
right now it may look like you are getting it from all angles,
and the ones who did you wrong are “happy” without you,
but things can turn around real quick.
i have always believed in karma.
your hell is a future blessing.
be patient.

i needed to hear that story to keep hold on.


i’m tired as hell,
but i had to tell the foxhole about this tonight.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “The Fox Who Has “Ha Ha Bitch!” On His Updated Resume”

  1. Love hearing this, it was always instilled in me that karma goes around and comes around And just like those who do wrong to others usually gets what’s coming to them those who do good gets their blessings

    1. ^everyone likes to say you don’t see people who receive their karma.
      do they expect a firework display?
      when you are in a whole new forest,
      you don’t always know whats happening in the old one.

  2. Love this entry and needed to hear this myself. I’m glad the fox is in a better place now, 80,000 dollars I need to get started in the administration field.

  3. What goes around always comes back to us all, how we treat others will be how we are treated, karma knows how to repay people in ways and actions that they can not dream or believe, God is so good he has allowed us to be who we are, and he only asks us to love him, and treat our brother as we treat ourselves. I pry we all get the message of the post because it is real out here, knowing that the enemy comes to steal kill and destroy. Stay prayed up family.

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