Make Me A Britney Spears Fan Again

Britney-Spears-Make-Me-2016britney spears stay pulling the rug over her fans/stans lives.
do her stans have a name?
so i use to be a huge britney spears fan.
circa: “hit me baby one more time” and beyond.
i still have a soft spot for her tho.
well after she started getting lazy,
that is when she started to lose me.
well she released a new video for the song,
“make me” feat. g-eazy

tumblr_mm4s60n8Xk1s49x9io1_400…and apparently,
this is not the what the fans and stans expected.
this was the teaser clip:



…what happened?
that teaser looked great.
i would be tite if i expected that.
the one she just released is covered in wack ‘n’ cheese sauce.
it’s like the original “perfume” video.
she was allegedly supposed to kill someone on some “stalker” shit,
but she decided to release something completely different.
…and why does she go so hard in rehearsals:

…and then “live”,
it’s some other shit.

What happened to Britney Spears?

i keep saying her heart isn’t into it anymore.
it’s like she doesn’t take risks or even give a fuck.
she has become sort of a robot.
a stiff one.
i miss this vixen:

…and her iconic performance:

the designer imposter is really terrible.

lowkey: brit seems sweet tho.
i feel they took advantage of her.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

20 thoughts on “Make Me A Britney Spears Fan Again”

  1. So a couple things … She looks amazing!!! Body tite and face jus rite *wonders if she had something done or just really good make up* , let’s hope she does like Rihanna and give us 2 versions cut that first cut is the pits…

  2. You have to be embarrassed I used to be a big Britney Spears fan when I was younger too ( I had her first four cds). Even know I was a bigger fan of Christina Aguilera’s voice and music it was just something about Britney. She had that it factor to her. Singer she was not but dancer she was p, that first MTV performance and the slave 4 u one were lit back in the day. Nowadays she barely seems plugged in

      1. That performance was just as bad as that “Gimme More” performance…NO energy to it.
        It was like, let me do this and hurry up off the stage.
        As for the new song, it’s weak and wack. If you go to iTunes and listen to the other song that they have off her upcoming disc…that one is worse!!!
        I think she has settled into her position as the 90s music queen and her shows in Vegas will get her through.

  3. I feel after her breakdown a part of her left and she was not the same Britney. I could be wrong but maybe she’s on some psyc medications that slows her down and kind of give her that zombie reaction.

    1. ^THIS! I’ve said the same. After that breakdown she never fully recovered. “Gimme More” was supposed to be her big comeback…and man did she make a disaster out of that!

  4. Britney Spears is a classic case Bipolar.

    She’ll never be like she was before, but I’m sure her meds are keeping her stable so she can lead a normal life.

      1. Jamari I believe she flipped the script after the birth of her second son. Her boys are only literally one year apart. She gave birth to her first son in September 2005 and the next September 2006. Now, I’m not a psychologist or psychiatrist but female hormones can do something to them especially after pregnancy and having kids back to back. Britney was around 25 or 26 around this time and Bipolar disease can start its onset around late teens early twenties. Sometimes it takes something like a traumatic event in someone’s life for Bipolar to show itself, and sometimes it’s also in your gene pool. You could have an Aunt or Uncle who has Bipolar disease and then it’s passed on to you. I have a family member who has bipolar disease it’s really sad actually. My family member is a shell of their former self.

      2. Eric has a point. she did start to kinda unravel after he second son was born. Kevin was out doing his thing, trying to make a career for himself and still messing with Shar Jackson, and she was left with the boys. she wasn’t ready for motherhood, and it showed. She also had people in her life that started to take advantage of her, so that’s when the mental issues started to surface.

  5. Brit is big business to alot of people. I’m sure she could care less at this point about her career. She’s legit been in this for over 20 years. Body looks amazing. Face as well.

  6. White privilege which leads to her NOT having to do much to stay relevant anymore. If Beyonce started coming out with lip performances and stiff choreography – she would descend from QUEENDOM and being an ‘icon’ very quickly and there would be many after her role!

  7. I love me some Brit Brit. But once she got on those anti depressants she just lost it. Even tho she looks like her dosage is to high I still love her.

  8. Britney has been under a conservatorship since her breakdown in 2008.TMZ just discussed it yesterday.Her father was appointed to be her “guardian”because of medical issues(mental health issues),she needs help managing her financial issues and her daily life.Whatever medications she takes to stabilize or maintain her moods probably has side effects that affect her performances.Many people who have mental disorders stop taking meds because of the side effects.

  9. I must say whoever is managing her is doing an excellent job of keeping her stable and keeping the media from digging any deeper into her illness.

    Of course this country avoids the topic of mental Illness anyway but when someone as famous as Britney Spears displays all the signs it’s pretty hard to sweep under the rug.

    Remember the head shaving?
    The attacking paparazzi with an umbrella?
    The affair with that paparazzi photographer Adnan that her father took a restraining order out on because he was taking advantage of her?
    Rumors of a sex tape with a fan in a hot tub?
    Assistant holding up a sheet while she did lines in a club?
    Her locking herself in the bathroom with her kids because she didn’t want to give them back to Kevin?
    They’ve managed to keep her out of jail and not have to really explain it at all. That’s amazing honestly.

  10. Shit even before her breakdown Britney did some crazy stuff. The affair with Columbus Short that ended her relationship with Justin Timberlake, that quickie marriage with her childhood friend, and taking up a relationship with Kevin Federline while he was still with Shar Jackson.

    Sometimes that “It” factor people love so much is grandiousity and hyper energetic part of Bipolar Disorder. I work with them, they’re very alluring people at times, but they can also be impetuous and not think things through at all. It’s a literal rollercoaster ride.

    All I know is if Britney was a black woman and did all she has done she certainly wouldn’t still be where she is today.

    That’s why I tell y’all there’s no point in coming for Taylor Swift. These white girls could do anything and the public will forget completely in a matter of months lol

  11. She is killing it in my opinion. Her body, her personality, her performing, all going hard. The Billboard awards you mentioned was her re-introduction back into the award show spotlight – and she did way better than she did in 2011. You should see some of her Piece of Me show videos on YouTube – she is on fire on those. With Billboard she seemed hella nervous..but she pushed through during the second act.

    MTV just announced she will return to the VMA stage next Sunday and we are in for a show. Plus her new music is REALLY freaking good.

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