2016 Just Sucks, Don’t It?


i found out yesterday that someone in my family has breast cancer

this is on the side of the family i’m closer to.
they don’t live in new yawk and they didn’t want to “worry” me.
she found out about it earlier this year.
i have been talking to her periodically with no mention of it.
she recently had to have both of her breasts removed.
cousin hybrid only told me because her lungs were inflamed and she was admitted into the hospital.
well the news hit me like a ton of bricks.
just when i thought i would have a break from the fuck shit,
a whole new pre-packaged fuck shit comes out of nowhere.
i couldn’t even focus on the foxhole yesterday.
i spent the afternoon legit crying,
and sleeping.
i didn’t feel like doing anything.
today feels much better,
but i can’t help but keep her off my mind.

i don’t know what’s happening with my 2016.


Author: jamari fox

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14 thoughts on “2016 Just Sucks, Don’t It?”

  1. Goodmorning Jamari. I’m so sorry to hear about that (and on a Sunday morning too!). I’m not a doctor or anything, but if I were you, I would suggest looking into alternative methods of helping her out. For example, drastically changing you diet to exclude gmos, meat of any kind, and dairy helps with curbing the cancer. From what I been told dairy is highly carcinogenic. Cannibis oil Helps GREATLY, from what I have heard. bring these suggestions to your fam member and see if she can do her research into it. I hope you have a pleasant day otherwise.

  2. Aww so sorry to hear that Jamari. I know it easier said than done but continue to keep your head up. 2016 has been crazy, it has made me see that life is way too short. A month ago a situation happened that could of ended one of my siblings life. Even though I have always loved my family, I call more, say I love you more, and when we disagree about something I just let it roll off my back. Life is precious and its what we make of it. Jamari I hope your family member continues to stay strong and fight, and I hope you get to see her soon.

  3. Such bad news. Cancer is tough but you being strong and showing love can give strength to your aunt. It’s perfectly okay and good to feel how u currently feel, but you must hold up, for her sake.

    As for alternatives medicines, I would try conventional and alternative. Cancer is too serious to be caught slipping

  4. You and we may walk through the valley of death you and we shall fear no evil because God is with you and us ordering the steps, and only he knows the time we are to expire because he and only he gave it to us at birth, let us praise him and sing as loud as you can I Surrender All, All To Jesus, I Surrender All. Have a blessed Sunday fox family

  5. WOW this hits me hard because my mother died from metastatic breast cancer.😢
    I am praying for you and your family🙏

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