tyler perry and writer’s room will never go together (so stop asking)

if i stopped trying after one bad situation,
i wouldn’t have gotten anywhere in life.
sometimes we find ourselves in ten shit-uations before a breakthrough.
tyler perry claims he had a writer’s room before.
this is what he told “essence” on why he only writes for himself now…

x see it here

i can understand him wanting things in his own voice.
that would be like me letting someone else font for the foxhole.
my only thing is

Other great talents have writers and the content is still in their voice

issa rae has ( x written a majority of episodes ) for “insecure”,
but from time to time,
she gives the pen to others and it still flows.
shonda rhimes has done the same for ( x scandal ).
if you find a team that knows your voice/work,
i’m sure they can produce quality content.
tyler knows what’s best for his projects tho.

lowkey: when i start my tv projects,
i want writers to help me brain storm.

15 thoughts on “tyler perry and writer’s room will never go together (so stop asking)

  1. Tyler can keep his bullshit… just give me the fine ass men in shirtless or nude form and we ok. I really shouldn’t support his coonery but I’m too invested in HAHN. Don’t judge me!

  2. I have to give Tyler Perry credit. He follows a long line of Black filmmakers such as Oscar Micheaux and Gordon Parks who stuck it out and created films that express the Black experience, despite the odds. But he needs to mature and bring in talented writers. When you are confident and know your shit you don’t have any problems letting other people shine. They just make you look good too. That’s basic, good management. Spike Lee even learned this. His early movies were groundbreaking but there was always room for improvement. His latest Network series “She’s Gotta Have It” is much better than the original movie because it brings in talented writers and producers, including Black women who are giving it a much more authentic, Black feminine view than the original movie. I hope Tyler evolves. Otherwise, when he dies or falls from favor (because what goes up often goes down and back up again) there will be no one to carry on the legacy well into the 2000s.

  3. I can’t complain about Tyler and I love his shows and dialogue. After watching todays HAHN and suspense. Well actually to be honest he does stretch certain scenes and makes certain impossible acts happen but hey if he wants it he got it and I’m hooked so I can looked pass that. Plus some of these things happen on soap operas.

  4. He is clearly very full of himself and we the black community are to blame for giving him that sense of pride. I’ve never got the hype of any of his work. Given his success, you would think he understands how incredibly important it is to open doors for other black ppl so the community as a whole prospers but no it’s all about him. He’s not the only one that thinks like this though. Better be careful. Pride comes before the fall.

    1. Damn it! You hit the nail on the head and just seeing him being totally oblivious and not to mention arrogant enough to think that his audience will never evolve but then again when you have sistas like the fat chick interviewing him amening him like she’s in the first pew at church he will never evolve.

  5. He probably thinks he’s a good writer because all his shows and movies are successful or perform well.He always mentions how his shows are #1 and how his movies make more money per screen than a lot of other movies.
    He probably thinks if it ain’t broke why fix it.In a way he is like Trump with a loyal base.Trump can do anything and his base will support him.Tyler can slap together any show and his loyal audience will make it #1 on OWN or BET.

    I saw Tyler on Live with Kelly and Ryan and he said it only took him 2 weeks to write the script to his latest movie.On Sister Circle one of the actors from his show Sistas said they filmed the entire season in 21 days.I think it’s impressive how fast he works but quality(writing,acting) should be more important than quantity(# of shows on the air).

      1. 😞😂

        Oh yeah Tyler told CBS This Morning that he made his Netflix movie”A Fall From Grace” in 5 days so let me know how it is because I don’t have Netflix right now ☺.

  6. When he posted that infamous video he said that every show has a writers room but he doesn’t. Tyler-WHY DO YOU THINK THAT IS SUCH??? He has spoken for years about how hard his early years as a creator were so you’d think he’d understand more than anybody the need to give opportunities to young black talent writers So they dont have to go to LA or New York to fight to be the only poc in writers rooms but…nope.Some of the most prolific show creators have writers rooms because they know diversity in thought and ideas is what elevates the show. Its how characters get dimension and depth. Its how shows get slick and sophisticated form, storylines and styling. To brag about being the only voice in shows that are already contrived and lowbrow, already feel rushed, and are tired tropes and thoughtless pieces of film you throw out to your fanbase that dont know any better is nauseating. He literally has the funds, the groundwork, the acting talent, the studio and everything else to make groundbreaking black film and tv but the fact that he is content with making rushed, poorly developed work is just sad. That whole speech at the BET Awards talking about “building his own table in Atlanta” and “helping other people cross” rings very hollow.

    1. !!!!!!!!!!!
      This right here. Perry has grown to produce some contrived, basic shit that needs to be put out to pasture. He needs new blood. And while he still pulls in a lot of viewers slapping his name to trash, I need people to raise their taste level and realize his content and writing is bad. Really bad.

      You hit the nail on the head with everything wrong w/ TP. Then again, maybe he really fears another black artist coming for his crown.

      The whole “the old supreme fades when the new supreme comes into power” thing

  7. Those scripts need HELP! I stopped watching The Haves and Have Nots a few seasons ago because the dialogue was terrible. I refuse to watch any of his other self-written shows because of this. I still give him credit for creating his niche, but the shows are not entertaining when the scripts are weak.

    1. lol. I been stop watching his shit. But, at some point, shit get stale. You need fresh, new and sometimes young energy to breathe new life into shit.

  8. You want to do TV? Interesting.

    No time like the present so when you’re having coffee with that cute guy and he turns out to be a producer you can have a script ready. Be ready for your opportunity.

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