azriel clary wants us to be on the run with her

i’m glad ^this one took her ass back home.
for those who don’t know,
that is azriel clary who is/was one of the “r. kelly girls”.
after years of being separated from her family,
she posted this on her ig…

i got a question for the foxhole.

Do we trust all of this?

she just came out of a traumatic experience.
Lord knows WHAT robert put her through.
last week,
she was throwing paws on joycelyn via ig live,
all while claiming she had sex with her as a minor.
this week,
she has a photo shoot with her family,
but talmbout “#ontherunwithazriel“.
the others who were involved with robert’s fuckery seem to be laying low.
one was dressing like a whole stud for him.
i dunno,
but i’m getting a slight attentionista spirit from azriel.
folks handle trauma different than others,
but the hashtag comes off extra.
i don’t need you to be a “celebrity” right now.
she has a lot of shit to unpack.

i could be wrong.
something is just “off” to me.
we shall see how this all plays out tho.
i’m glad she is home and ready to start healing.

3 thoughts on “azriel clary wants us to be on the run with her

  1. You are damn right, Foxy. Can’t put my finger on it, but it looks like she is playing this new found attention( and that is what it is, attention, not fame) hoping to get something out of it.

    Next stop, Dr Phil.

    1. Is she gonna do music? I’m confused. Every interview would be about how she caught Herpes from R.

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