when your job makes you cry

i never thought i would cry at work but i did.
when i worked in fashion

I’d see white vixens running to the bathroom next to my desk in tears.

…and i told myself that would never be me.
fast forward a few years later!
many of us can relate to being broken down at work.
some of our jobs can be real abusive and we don’t talk about it enough.
i watched a video with a wolf breaking down on his break.
he didn’t even want to go back


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“we aren’t supposed to live like this”.
we aren’t but we are forced to.
i don’t understand why we have to put in long hours,
be abused by our bosses,
deal with fake ass co-workers,
and when it comes time to be recognized for the hard work we have put in:

…for some fuckin’ reeses pieces and a starbucks gift card.


Have you ever cried at work?

Author: jamari fox

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2 thoughts on “when your job makes you cry”

  1. Yes I cried at work before. Only once. It was because my boss kept telling me I didn’t do something even though I did. He just wanted it to be perfect and that just wasn’t possible. I went to the bathroom and cried.

    I only cried because it had been a few years since I stopped interacting with my asshole of a cousin so I had become soft to confrontation.

  2. I applaud Beyoncé because that new track, you won’t break my soul should be everybody’s anthem at a bad job. You are not about to treat me like shit and turn around and give me a movie ticket, bag of reese pieces, 2 rolls of life savers, two pens, and some fucking keychains… for 27 years of service! You couldn’t offer stock options? You couldn’t offer a salary position. I don’t allow for any boss to raise their voice at me because one, they are not my parent and my parents don’t raise their voice at me. I will tell them in a minute, “don’t buck cause if I knuck, we gon have a problem!”

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