its been a voyage back to the foxhole

peeks in
turns lights on

these last two weeks,
or maybe it was just a week,
have been wild within the foxhole.
my hosting company promised me a whole new situation and…


not only that,
i figured i’d try to fix it myself and messed something up.
sorry for those random emails of whatever language that was.
i was feeling crazy defeated.
if you are subbed to my patreon,
and all my social media,
you know when i saw the foxhole in html only

i knew that was when i had to take a step back.
if things went according to plan,
this would have been in my “i have arrived” entry…

My interview with VoyageOhio Magazine!
if it doesn’t work on mobile,
it will work on a desktop.

i’m disappointed but i’m not defeated.
as always,
i trust God will make way for me.

Thanks to everyone who sent DMS and emails checking in.

i’m sure there is a lot of madness that i have to catch up on.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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