joe budden said ya’ll know beyonce last album was trash and the hive knew it too

joe budden has had some really interesting takes as of late.
the whole ( x “i’m was only joking about bisexual” ).
everything he said about megan the stallion in support of tory lanez.

now he has the hive FUMING over what he said about beyonce.
according to joe budden,
he says ya’ll know her last album,
was trash.
he goes on to say the hive went quiet cause no one was playing it…

oh joey…

my therapist does this exercise where she asks me to look at the facts.

Every list that I saw,
Reinassance was voted the best album of 2022.

that information is on ( x google ).
the album also got ( x 1 billion streams on spotify ).
this is
on google.

in my personal life,
and my algorithms,
i saw people praising her album heavy.
it’s still an album that i have on rotation.
the transitions on that album are chef’s kiss.

i’ll admit that the album might not be some people’s cup of tea.
i’ve heard a lot of complaints that she is ratchet and cusses now.
i challenge that with this:

Ya’ll muthafuckas weren’t buying her music when she sang.
Matta fact,
black vixens who actually sing are not in style anymore.
White vixens only sing now.
Ya’ll give ya’ll money to Adele,
Miley Cyrus,
and Taylor Swift for singing these days.”

and lastly via ( x billboard ):

Fans in seven cities will get an additional chance to score tickets to Beyoncé‘s long-awaited Renaissance World Tour 2023, as the superstar revealed on Thursday (Feb. 2) a slew of additional shows due to high demand.

Second shows have been added in Toronto on July 9, Chicago on July 23, East Rutherford on July 30, Washington, DC on August 6, Atlanta on August 12, Los Angeles on September 3 and Houston on September 24.

According to a press release from Live Nation, fan demand has already exceeded the number of available tickets by more than 800% based on current registration numbers. However, even with these added dates, “it is still expected that the majority of interested fans will not be able to get tickets because demand drastically exceeds supply.”

for an album thats so trash,
a majority of america will sell their kidneys to go this tour.
i am ready to offer up my kidney so i can go tbh.

Blue Ivy?
Can I get two tickets?!

joey doesn’t know what he is talking about clearly.
if he didn’t like the album,
but let’s not put misinformation out there.

lowkey: joey is straight and the album is gay-friendly.
he ain’t in the community no more so
that contradicts his life.

18 thoughts on “joe budden said ya’ll know beyonce last album was trash and the hive knew it too

  1. [Sneeze]Bullshit! I apologize I’m allergic to bullshit. Joe saying that publicly to keep the character Joe Budden, the Steven A. Smith of Hip-Hop, straight. Knowing damn well on his alter playlist he got that shit on repeat. Ain’t nobody worried about Joe “lil dick” Budden. It’s always the straight ones that does all the gay jokes perfect to the T, that be low key on the low sucking dick, fucking or getting fucked, if not both.

  2. I knew so many people who were obsessed with this album when it came out. “Alien Superstar,” “You Won’t Break My Soul,” “Cuffin Season,” etc. Joe Bud-DL-en is telling on himself and needs to GTFOH.

  3. Everyone in Bergen County, NJ and surrounding areas knows that Joe Budden fuck with light skin Dominican boys on the low. Wendy Willians spilt his drink years ago, and all the anti-flamitory bacterial tea in it years ago…

  4. “black vixens who actually sing are not in style anymore”

    You better READ!

    When is the last time Brandy or Monica charted a #1? Heck, even Chante Moore, Tamia, Faith Hill, Kelly Price, KeKe Wyatt can’t sell out a stadium. Women who can absolutely blow today’s top music stars out of the water.

    This singing like your mouth is sewn shut or has food in it vibe isn’t for me. It’s like we have a bunch of Cassies on TRL. Pretty but can barely make it through an American Idol audition.

      1. hahahaha, I love her song, Official Gir. That was definitely dedicated to Diddy smh And the song with Nicki Minaj was lowkey a bop

  5. Remember Tahiry throwing hands on a Reunion show to protect Joe Budden in his punkery? I bet his dick is small.
    I don’t like Mrs Knowles Carter’s music.
    Diana Ross should have 32 Grammy’s, not this fuckery filth. Using pages from sacred documents to stuff in an orifice is beyond the pale! Gut bucket slime girl; in love with a horse head big lip millionaire who isn’t in love with her.
    Miss Budden is a tired attenionisto, but he is right about her. I could give two tears in a pigs slop bucket about her concerts. Beyonce sounds like a illy formed 3rd grader. Pussy print sells tickets. Leroy and Coco choreography routines, tiresome. Go away and spend your money.
    “Umm Ahh, Umm Uhh”. Forget it. All that glitters isn’t gold.

  6. The album isn’t his demographic, first off “Beyoncé” in general isn’t his demographic, so when Beyoncé releases an album that has inspo from gay club/ ballroom culture, i for one do NOT expect Joe Biden to get it..or to know that it is inFACT being played, it’s just not being played or talked about in circles HE frequents & that’s what HE needs to understand. His demographic (straight Older black men) is not the say-all-to-be-all critic of Music, in fact they are the minority because they usually only have the range to tolerate/ relate to Old school rap and R&B, they don’t/ cant’t even vibe to this new trap music being bumped in the clubs, sad for them lol

  7. Idk if y’all were on social media the day it dropped but even when BMS came out people didn’t like it. As weeks progressed the convo went from
    Not liking it to “it’s not for nonBlack gays” to “we love it she’s paying homage to Black ballroom

    I don’t dislike the album I changed the order of songs, though. anytime I hear a new record I make a playlist from
    It to fit what I want to hear sonically. I did the same with Sza’s newest .

    As far as the album vs the tour it’s not the same thing, bc people know Beyoncé will put on a show. Her sales and album reception and how the album sounds doesn’t dictate how many people want to see her live bc she’s proven herself to be showman. People also have FOMO so when they see anything is likely to sell out it makes them want to attend even more.

      1. Um, I think his algorithm was niche, because black Twitter was falling over themselves when the single and album came out.
        The album put the single intl context.

    1. ^ its like one minute he is supporting something and the next,
      he is banishing it.

      he had a whole interview with megan thee stallion,
      legit all in her face.
      the next: “i can’t stand that girl”.


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