joe budden isn’t bisexual and claims ya’ll gay besties actually have sex with your friends

joe budden isn’t bisexual.
i know.
no “that deep voice of his in our ears at 3 am” for many of us.
in fact,
he got called out by his co-hosts for his pretending and pandering.
he actually gets called out for some of his questionable things.
we will get into that later.
so on his podcast,
the conversation about how some gay besties aren’t actually gay.
arrogant tae

and allegedly lil nas x are rumored to have sex with vixens.
this is where the conversation started

it starts about lil nas x not actually being gay ( @1:43:40)

and arrogant tae ( @1:45:35)

i feel like the straights,
especially black straights,
live on two polar opposites of the spectrum.

Gay AF or Straight AF.

there is no in-between and i think thats where they fail.
arrogant tae and lil nas x could be bisexual.
i have met “gay” males who enjoy fucking vixens and are feminine.
there are “straight” males who… having sex or doing sexual acts with a male they found attractive at that moment.

attraction is complicated and we can’t control who we are attracted to.
it’s not hard to believe that and honestly…

They tend to be better at fuckin’ vixens than straight males could ever.

thats a whole other story.

as for joe budden,
i’m glad his co-hosts called him out on his ignorance.
they said it was an insult to us what he did that.
he ( x couldn’t handle the heat ) once the gays wanted a piece.
someone said he has that “wetty” and that lowkey homophobia flew out.

We need to also talk about straight males pretending to be gay “for fun”.
It’s the equivalent of vixens who pretended to be “lesbians for fun”.

joe budden was actually kinda interesting when he was claiming bisexual.

The sassy bisexual ex-rapper who says what he feels,
breaking barriers as a mouthpiece within an industry that condemns such.

 that sounded like a star to me.
now he is kinda…
he just “rocks with the community” but don’t all straights allegedly do…


lowkey: and the “i don’t see arrogant tae with any pineapples”.
it’s easy to fuck pineapples but it’s hard to date them.
the games and the nonsense we have to go through.

the whole conversation lowkey annoyed me tbh.

12 thoughts on “joe budden isn’t bisexual and claims ya’ll gay besties actually have sex with your friends

  1. I don’t even like Joe, but I can tell he’s a fellow bi guy. Joe’s just another of those “DL rappers” that all these other rappers be alluding to who are “secretly gay”. He came out, & no one seemed to really care, so they’re trying to cover it up now (like so many other black male celebs have done, such as: Richard Pryor, Diddy, Will Smith, Usher, Trey Songz, Jamie Foxx, Tyler Perry, & Tyler the Creator), because it’s “not a good look”. We’ve already heard all the crazy things Joe said/did & got “in trouble” for, so this is just another of those things. Society can kinda accept a gay man, so long as he fits the stereotypes, is “unoffensive”, & funny. But us bi guys don’t really stand a chance, because we really don’t resonnate w/ either the gay or straight audience. So Joe’s going back in the closet, so that he won’t piss off all the straight guys, scare off all the women, & to continue to entice the gays who fantasize about turning out “straight guys”. And if they’re any gay rumors that pop up, Joe’ll just say that he told everyone he was bi–but they didn’t believe him. That’s more than likely the reason why Joe suddenly “came out”, to qualsh some gay story that was coming out about him.

  2. We let women get away with it A LOT.

    I remember Nicki Minaj cosplaying as bi.
    Lady Gaga did it.
    Rihanna had Te Amo, and nobody batted an eye.

    My problem is they say it, but are always with men or later backpedal.

    A guy can’t come back from a gay/trans rumor. Look what happened to Chingy and Sidney Starr!

    “attraction is complicated and we can’t control who we are attracted to.”

    Chile, bye. That’s what people use to hold out hope that their straight crush is secretly gay or bi. It’s one thing to go from bi to gay, or cis to trans and back and forth, but I do believe there are 100% hetero, 100% gay, 100% bi and 100% pan. That “everybody is secretly bi” mess will never fly with me.

    And being bi or pan doesn’t mean you want everybody. You still have standards!

    1. There are def 100% hetero ppl, just as sure as there are 100% gay men who couldn’t get wood to fool up w a woman if they were offered a million dollars. But the part that is missed is THE WHOLE DAMN SPECTRUM. Humans like to be able to put ppl into boxes. But actual attraction exists. There are many straight men who I knew found me attractive. If there wasn’t the bias that allows women to explore and play on our phones about being bi, may of those men would have been open to fooling around. Joe is definitely one who would. Idk him personally from a can of paint, so don’t misconstrue what I’m saying, but he would absolutely enjoy the freedom of being w another man if he was ‘allowed’.

      1. I just saw a post from Leon Reddz (don’t judge me) formerly I assume of the Rhyheim Shabazz harem, where he was having sex with a women with the caption “ sometimes I like pussy”. I only say that to say that human sexuality is far more complicated than people make it out to be, it can be so complicated that their are studies that show that sexuality may ebb and flow and change over time as we age; which may explain people like Clive Davis, Quincy Jones, and Billy Dee Williams. Sexology is the study of human sexuality, its a whole major with a degree.

        I have no doubt that Lil Nas X might in fact be bi if not all the way straight to be honest, I mean he is known to be an internet troll and this whole thing could be the ultimate act of trolling. I have always said that if you take the costume away and the antics that he is very attractive with a good body and when he essentially made the statement “ straight guys better be glad I’m gay or I’d be stealing your girl” I could see that as facts.

        One problem with everyone on the Joe Budden podcast is that they aren’t very knowledgeable about what they are talking about and while I do have some disagreements with Joe, I think he actually made the biggest point that went over everyone’s head when he said “ aren’t we too old for that?”, mic drop. It is pure ignorance and shows a totally lack of maturity to know what bisexual means but then dismiss that and say that a guy who is bisexual is gay and blame that mindset on where you come from instead of owning that mentality as an adult, and Joe completely called them out on that. You can’t blame everything on the hood especially when you haven’t been there in years if not decades. To be honest I think it also highlights a big problem right now where we have a whole generation of people but for the sake of this conversation men who haven’t matured with age, people are here 35- 50 years old still trying to act and behave as if they are 21 if not 16; people 50 years old talking about PS5’s and Pokémon.

  3. He may not be a practicing bisexual, but he prob would be if it was deemed ok by society. ‘Where we from’; he had the perfect (and telling) response. Joe is not on the team, but he certainly would be if his feet weren’t gonna be held to a fire of his ‘where we from’, peers. He’s intelligent enough to know that there are men who he finds attractive.

    1. ^ joe loves to sabotage himself for whatever reason.
      you can tell his co-hosts dislike him and want to expose him for this.
      he changed that conversation QUICK because it wasn’t gonna end well.

      oh well.
      he would have been pretty iconic but he’s looking like a normie now.

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