cj harris allegedly died of the vaccine and you are gonna die like him too

american idol alum,
cj harris,
died of a heart attack today.
he was 31 years old.
i didn’t watch american idol but it’s very sad to hear about his death.
as i did my research on him,
the conspiracy theorists are saying…

He allegedly died because of the vaccine.

the talk is that the vaccine causes ( x blood clots and heart attacks ).
out of a billion people who got vaxxed,
a few have died from heart attacks and blood clots.
we don’t know why but we are assuming it’s vaxx related.
we don’t know these folk’s medical history.
can i font a controversial statement?

Why are people who are not vaccinated so concerned with those who are vaccinated?

it’s so bizarre.
another bizarre thing i’m seeing is:

We waited and didn’t get vaxxed!

it’s giving us paranoia and crazy.
alfred hitchcock is calling because they are needed on set.

why are people so happy that others might die?
including their loved ones?
these folks are acting like they are gonna live forever.
they sitting up here:

Not drinking water
Eating the unhealthiest shit
Raw sexing every stranger they meet

…but they are gonna be fine and live forever cause they aren’t vaxxed.
get THEEE fuck out my face with this bullshit.
i knew a conspiracy theorist,
who is proud to be unvaxxed,
tell me that the reason the US is so violent

…is because the government is putting something in the chemtrails of the planes.
The planes are releasing gas that’s dropping to Earth and is driving everyone crazy.


you can listen to these folks if ya’ll want.
rip to cj harris.

13 thoughts on “cj harris allegedly died of the vaccine and you are gonna die like him too

  1. I have nothing to say except
    “I’m sipping ginger tea☕ and eating a cranberry muffin 🧁, reading these comments. Today, you Gentlemen are serving it up.”

  2. May he rest in peace.

    There is nothing tackier than asking how someone died.

    This is how it usually goes:

    Person A: Such and such passed!
    Person B: How they die?

    WHY is that the first question?
    What happened to “I’m sorry for your loss”?????

    It shows you are nosey and don’t give a crap about them or their family.
    And speculation of how someone died ENRAGES me.
    Especially when they’re Black.

    If you’re a Black man, they assume drugs.
    If you’re a Black woman, they assume STDs or drugs.
    If you’re a Black gay man, they assume HIV/AIDS.
    I could go on for every type of Black person and the ridiculous assumptions.

    1. I think thats a very big blanket to put on that. It’s natural for us to wonder when hearing that kind of news. It’s also normal, if u have some home training, to not lead with that.

  3. When they thought 5g towers caused Covid

    And then Donald gave that stimulus and they forgot

    Bc the virus was politicized and then those who are still talking about vaccines are trying to find every article they can find to rationalize why the vaccine is bad so trump can evade prison and become president again 2024

    Who in the hell is checking for someone on idol years ago? Rip but stop using obscure ass people to question vaccine safety

    They don’t care about our black lives when they advocate shooting us in the street

    What about Patrice cullers cousin they tazed to death where’s the mass hysteria from the anti vax white supremacist sympathizer coalition of qanon church of trump?

  4. Y’all just need to stop being in denial. I know you’re vaccinated and you’re scared that this will happen to you, too. And it might….And the reason unvaccinated ppl are “so concerned” about vaccinated people is because y’all were so concerned about the unvaccinated when you were isolating, shunning and shaming the unvaxxed. I know it must be unnerving turning the tv on everyday to see yet another otherwise healthy young person die suddenly. I’d be holding my breath too! Lol

    1. ^interestingly enough,
      i don’t see that.
      i’m not holding my breath or paying extra attention to who is vaxxed and who isn’t.
      my algorithms might be different than yours tho.

    2. Seemingly “healthy” people die every day from a range of causes, including heart disease.

      The fact is, the vaccines have saved millions of lives in the US and elsewhere. Far more people who were and are unvaccinated have died from Covid-19 than people who are vaccinated. That is not me pulling words out of my @ss but verifiable by a range of research and statistics. You are still more likely to die of Covid-19 if you are unvaccinated than if you are vaccinated.

      You are also more like to die of any other disease if you have co-morbidities than if not, but unless people have viewed CJ Harris’s (RIP) autopsy, neither they nor anyone else but his coroner, doctors and perhaps family know what the causes of his heart attack were.

      Look at the statistics on men in their 30s who die of heart attacks, and you will see that before any Covid-19 existed, the dangers existed and people that age did sometimes suffer cardiac arrest and die. The real danger of the attacks on the vaccine are to scare people off from a legitimate, safe form of self-protection, like masking. That endangers all of us.

  5. where was this energy when the vaccinated was wishing death on the unvaxxed?
    Don’t remember when the unvaxxed were being excluded from society?
    Remember vaxx cards to get into restaurants? stores? events?
    Dont remember people like Blac Chyna yelling and acting a crazed fool in the airport yelling at people in a RAGE to get vaccinated?
    Don’t remember the people who were forced out of their jobs and/or schools?
    Hell even your president got on national TV and said “winter will be the death of the unvaccinated”.

    I dont agree with wishing death or being happy that the vaccinated MIGHT be at a big disadvantage given the confirmed major side effects…however I think questioning why SOME unvaxxed are reacting the way they are about all these reported deaths for the same reasons all within a short time span quite tone deaf. Though I dont agree with the method honestly they are just giving the energy back that was given a very short year ago.

    They are “happy” because they were called every name in the book in 2022, they were denied access, they were ostracized, they were condemned, they were belittled, they lost livelihoods. Think about it for a second. Society really showed its ass concerning this vaccine. And if you’ve read any recent reports from reputable sources you would know having at least 1 eyebrow raised isnt so strange about recent events. Not every death is vaccinated related, sure. But vaccine injured is a real thing as well as deaths, no medicine is perfect. The courts literally forced those 3 companies that distributed the vaxx to release the found/known side effects that they were trying to keep SEALED until 70 years from now, FACT. Do your research.
    In short, to answer the question: some of the unvaxxed are showing their asses because some of the vaxx were complete assholes last year. Yall didnt call them out last year and played blind to the inhumane treatment. Don’t cry now when the shoe is on the other foot.
    No Tea. No Shade.

  6. If the pandemic had pivoted in the opposite direction with precautionary measures observed, it would be a new conspiratorial angle as to why more people LIVED😱
    Had Trump managed Covid, I think he could have won the election. I would have put on my Sunday suit and a MAGA hat, went into the booth but still have voted for Biden.
    Have you noticed nobody is wearing masks? I wear a N95 and cover it with a disposable. I’m not taking chances. You can’t appeal to or persuade vaccination skeptics, they are a new species of arrogance and pride. They simply can’t be convinced.

    1. ^ 110%

      it’s so much looney shit from people who were already paranoid about the government.
      i mean,
      we can’t always depend on our government but the things i’ve heard from conspiracy theorist…


    2. Thank you! So glad that intelligence still exits. Social Media often gives a voice to those lacking “Common Sense”. The only redeeming factor is that they reveal their ignorance so we can avoid them !

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