Here Today; Gone Tomorrow: The Story of The Wolf I Use To Know

i just peed.
i have been holding it in since i just heard this news.
i’m still shaking.
so there was a wolf i use to know.
i met him originally on bgc,
but we use to hang tough.
karaoke use to join us on these adventures as well.
this wolf was in love with me.
i remember being as at a party he threw at his crib.
he walked up to me and said:

“i just want to kiss you right now.”

i didn’t feel that way about him,
but i let him know i only wanted his friendship.
during that friendship,
we hung out and always had fun.
when his mother passed,
he called me first.
i sat on the phone with him as he cried.
i listened and gave the best advice i could.
he was never the same after he lost her.
they were very close.
well we drifted apart as the years went on.
he met new people.
i met new people.
he randomly hit me up a year or two ago and asked to chill.
i was down,
but i never heard from him again.
i sent him a message and he never responded.
i moved on.
well one of my best home vixens i met through him hit me earlier:

“are you sitting down?”

i was gonna go pee.”

“i think you should sit down.”

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SongzBird Adds Another Chapter To His Collection

He already released the singles, Heart Attack and 2 Reasons.
You guessed it.
Songzbird has another album coming around the corner.
What a year would this be without his “come fuck me right this instant” songz for summer one night stands?
Well, I got the track listing and the album cover for those who want it bad enough…

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My Body Is So Ready For Trey Songz… And I Don’t Give A Shit.

“See Trey, you going to make me leave everything we have…
I ride hard for you, I cook your food, give you good throat...
But, I don’t do this neglect though…”

A nigga just gonna grab my bag out my hand like this?….
See this is the shit I be talking about…”

“Alright so we good now…”


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