Trey and Kelly Rowland Show Off Their Summer Bodies

trey songz loves that lip pout...

Ebony is letting us know that summer is upon us…
And it is time to get some hot wet summer lovin...

…. trey,
come and get some of this summer lovin then.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “Trey and Kelly Rowland Show Off Their Summer Bodies”

  1. Trey is starting to get hot and cold with me. He’s attractive sometimes, but his personality stinks all the time. UGH. I was crazy about him in ”05”. I wanna hit just one time tho. I rather have Kelly than Trey at this point.

      1. I haven’t met him, but we all can see he’s changed so much since ”05”. I know he may be selling an image, but when you have to change who you are to sell records, how can a person have respect for you? I’ve lost so much respect for not only him, but Rih and Chris as well. I don’t like it when people get sucked into the hollywood lifestyle.

  2. When is Trey going to do something else? I mean what’s next for him?? Diggy simmons and bieber seem to be the next thing

  3. Yall keep liking them fake niggas, when it comes to Chris brown Trey and that other guy justin bieber i dont like them

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