My Body Is So Ready For Trey Songz… And I Don’t Give A Shit.

“See Trey, you going to make me leave everything we have…
I ride hard for you, I cook your food, give you good throat...
But, I don’t do this neglect though…”

A nigga just gonna grab my bag out my hand like this?….
See this is the shit I be talking about…”

“Alright so we good now…”


Trey has a new video called Heart Attack that just came out.
Kelly Rowland is his main love interest.
He, on the other hand, is looking delicious in it.


He just does things to me.
I don’t know why.
I think it is his overall confidence or his arms or… something.
I don’t know or know if I care.
Either way, I wants on it.

BUT he better get RIGHT!

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

19 thoughts on “My Body Is So Ready For Trey Songz… And I Don’t Give A Shit.”

  1. I be fronting sometimes, but I kno I want him. He so sexy man. I just wanna beat up his walls to a pulp.

  2. Meh….Trey is cute but arrogant and that makes him ugly in my eyes…once he humble himself, i might wanna fuck him in the ass! Until then, he is better seen and not heard..

    I am going to spank Kelly Rowland when I see her!

  3. Saw this last night on 106 & Park and I was like damn…two of my favorite people in one video..shit a threesome with them would be a fantasy from heaven come true

  4. Anyone see that episode of 106 a few years back where they surprised him with a male fan that ended up being Diddy. He was so spooked when they said he had a male fan lol

    1. Funny as shit. Trey tried to play it off, he kno he like the niggas. LOL. Diddy probably fucked him.

    2. I was a little irked by that. I mean, lets say his biggest fan was a guy. Why would that have been a problem? Men can’t be fans?

      This tells me a lot about him, his artistry, and his business in general. He knows what he sells and he knows it’s not music. He realizes he is a product, not an artist and that tells me he’s been in the industry too long. It’s a dangerous thing when you start regarding yourself less as a human being and more as a commodity that can be bought and sold.

      1. It bothered me too. I was a big fan of his back in 2005 when he first came, and it had nothing to do with sex or anything like that because back then I didn’t like niggas, I was really a true fan of his music. Now I just want to treat him like a porn star, fuck him hard and good, skeet on his ass, and leave him laying right there for the next one.

  5. He looks a little bigger…but I know what u mean, Jamari; I wanna dig in Trey’s gutz myself

  6. Anyway, Trey is extremely attractive.
    What’s most attractive about him though is the way in which he’s been marketed. He comes across as the ideal boyfriend.
    Attractive. Sexual. Confident. Loving.
    That’s his trademark.
    Even in his “Last Time” video in which he portrayed a cheat, he’s seen running after the girl at the end of the video. His team is smart.

  7. #whoisjamarifox :
    ^yeah that bothered me a little bit watching that.
    His face said something I did not want to see.

    It reminded me of those closeted wolves and foxes we encounter everyday who make fun of gay men in public and act disgusted by homosexuality around their friends, while secretly wanting their back blown out behind closed doors.

    1. Paranoid, closeted, repressed dudes have the best strokes for some reason–like a combo of makeup-revenge sex. Also if a repressed dude’s dick is not deep inside you when he tells you that he will kill you, please believe that he will attempt it–at same point.

      1. See…I couldn’t deal with any of that. Anybody I’ve ever dated has been fully aware they are a homosexual.

  8. O hell naw! jamary whats is going to be? trey or that baller , shit dunno his name let me remember , anyway u should decide between one of these man, lol and trey i dont know i just dont like his voice, lol dunno why i cant hear a song of him dunno why

  9. Random :
    See…I couldn’t deal with any of that. Anybody I’ve ever dated has been fully aware they are a homosexual.

    I never dated them either–was fully prepared to get fucked and never thought of again–I just wanted the dick or ass, they claimed they wanted the same things but their actions always proved otherwise, hence stalking, threats, and eventual attempted murder.

    This is why it confuses me when I hear gay men wanting to “date” a DL dude. That’s not what they are for. Get that dick, ass, and cash and then scram.

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