some men are really sloppy at cheating (especially with other menz)

i’m just gonna font it:

Some males are the sloppiest when it comes to cheating/being sneaky.

…and when they cheat with the same sex,
forget it.
it’s like some of our brains aren’t wired to be low at all.
when i was in my hoe era,
i was really careful with my hoe-tivities.
if i even sniffed the wolf was sloppy,
i didn’t even pass go.

“I can’t stand a sloppy man.” I’d say.

i have been seeing jackals getting caught cheating in weird situations.
why are you cheating IN YOUR HOUSE?

“I can’t stand a cheap man who can’t even get a hotel.” I’d say.

i saw this video where a jackal gets caught cheating with another male.
i can only imagine how she found him in the bathroom

it was the “COME ON OUT” for me.
you see this look of dusty that they both got going on?

that is the type of jackal you need to avoid.
i feel like jackals like this have given up on life and don’t think anymore.

How did your wife even know you were gonna be in this bathroom stall,

i have an idea how:


do you know what makes a gooooooooood cheater?
when they know how to keep everyone happy.
no one suspects anything because they give them no reason to.


the problem with most cheaters is they are selfish and self-absorbed.
they only care about themselves and that reflects in their sloppiness.
most jackals who get caught up have these traits.

In an age of social media and technology,
where folks have become more narcissistic and sloppy,
we are seeing more jackals getting caught up.

entertaining times.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “some men are really sloppy at cheating (especially with other menz)”

  1. LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOO nah I’m SCREAMINGGGGGGG ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ Yikes. Damn though I remember my bathroom stall days lmaoooooo when I was eighteen-nineteen. Grown ass men should know better. During a group outing no less…bold with a capital B. Also the guy giving top was bugging for following. My ass would’ve definitely stayed in that stall until the episode carried away. Heavy on the “that’s your business.”

  2. I know the fucking lying lmao. Obviously he’s done some shit like this before because you can hear in her voice that she wasn’t surprised or hysterical. Plus He was too calm. A hot ass mess. Exactly why I prefer company at my place or a hotel I’ve set up. These dummies have trackers on their iPhone too. I’m too old for the shenanigans lol. I’ve fucked outside in the woods before; also outside of Williams brick stadium but those were my early college days like 14+ yrs ago

  3. Stuff like this gives me “they wanted to be caught” like that pastor that was d!cking that dude DOWN!

      1. Shiii, as much as people go so hard to defend DLs, I’d love to see a happy ending.

        Where a guy just says “Fvck it! I like dudes!”

        Imagine a man balls deep in you, then there’s banging at his door and he gets presentable, goes to answer and it’s his homeboys and he tells them to not come unannounced and he’s occupied. Then he checks them for not acknowledging and greeting you and sends them away and gets back to business.

        None of that “Yo, you gotta go! Sneak out the window! My boys here!” sneaking. DLs are like romantic movies. We see no success rate, but still hold out hope. Chile.

  4. Like the song goes on All In The Family, โ€œthose were the daysโ€. They not getting sloppy, they getting greedy or want to get caught.

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