the foxhole has moved.
this move came on accident tbh.
i was actually calling my hosting company about stats.
___ told me that i was about to reach my limit in gigs.
a good problem but still a problem.
so he worked his magic and got me a good business deal + a discount.
this last week wasn’t all peace tho…

my savings is almost gone and i gotta do something.
i’m weirdly calm about it but i think that is due to therapy.
i sent out a shit ton of resumes to get a part-time remote job.
everyone wants a remote gig these days.
i ended up scoring an interview with a company on wednesday.
it was for a marketing company.
they were mad professional with the invites and emails.
it was emphasized that i had to dress business professional.
they had me thinking it was a one-on-one kind of situation.

I got in the interview,
50 people were in attendance,
and they wanted us to answer a question to make it to round 2.

i wanted to show ya’ll a bit of the interview in  question:

i couldn’t leave fast enough during this little segment.

i didn’t do a prior check-up on the company,
which was my bad,
but i learned it was exactly what i thought it would be.
i felt defeated after that tho.
so my week away from the foxhole hasn’t been a peaceful one.
i’m at a place of feeling really lost,
but that usually brings around my best creative eras.

We are always at our best when we are challenged.

i’m glad to be back tho.

I hope you were good while I was gone.

Author: jamari fox

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  1. 4/29/22

    Grand Rising Jamari,

    It’s good to see you back! And hang in there, The Most High’s got a ram in the bush for you, somewhere. What types of part time jobs are you interested in, just to tie you over at the moment? With all of the content you put out here on the site, I’m sure you will snag something in advertising, newspaper, magazines, etc. soon! Also, are you on YouTube? Because I think you would do great with providing an on-air video version of your website here! You’ve already built up your fanbase and traffic! Just make a post here with your YouTube channel link, and send ALLLL of your subscribers over there! To help build up your channel!

    And as far as how things are going??! Whew 😐🙄 Not sure if you’re into Astrology? But we have a New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse this weekend! EEK!!!! 😬 AND on top of ALLLL of that, we’re in the Pre-Shadow of the very first Mercury Retrograde for this year in 2022! AND on top of that, Pluto goes retrograde on timely as well! So needless to say, it’s been a very eventful past couple of weeks! Not to mention, there’s still a HUGE Pisces stellium in the sky. We have Jupiter, Venus, Neptune, Mars, and Juno ALLLL in the sign of Pisces. So in astrology, we call this a “stellium.” Some of the ways these energies could’ve been manifesting is by feeling sleepy, lethargic, spacey, etc. Also the SCAMMERS BEEN OUT HERE ON 100 too! So really watch yourself, and make sure that all of your personal information and property is secured and protected! Also emotional manipulation is at an all time high too! But there could be money issues as well. Feeling like there’s a financial drain! Do really be mindful of spending. At least until I would say, June. And then after that, this energy should clear up by then.

    But, I pray and hope that you’re doing well. And that you make it! When you can, please subscribe and check out my YouTube channel. If you need an astrologer or reference, I got you!!!! I’ve been a “Foxholer” for a few years now! 🙏🏾♥️🙌🏾✨💯🔥

    1. ^okay so you read the F outta my mind!
      first off,
      thank you for such a wonderful comment.

      i literally asked if there was a mercury retrograde coming up or are we in it.
      i have been feeling OFF.
      very emotional and crying.
      many others i know are dealing with the same.
      it is a lot and i’m glad you clarified.
      i’m gonna buckle down and try to keep my head above water.

      i was looking for a cute remote situation to pay off a few OD bills.
      i don’t want a job to commit to fully because i can feel myself transitioning to something more.
      thank you for all you said.
      it was very appreciated and i’ll check your youtube out!

      1. You are welcome Jamari! Yes, I can see and feel as though you will be and are about to hit your stride! And you will be lining up with your purpose soon! This is just a part of the journey here with this website. Also yes, just get you something part time no more than approximately 24 – 30 hours a week. So that way, you’ll still be able to maintain your creative pursuits on here and online! It’s time for you to begin to make this money from YouTube as well!!!! Because your views, insights and stories are interesting!

  2. Don’t feel bad, it happens to us all. I applied for a company recently. They jerked me around for two weeks. I turned down two other jobs waiting.

    I relearned a lesson, never apply for work specifically in or near Atlanta. That was the first time I’d done that in 7 years, with exactly the same responses: Slow slow slow and then no.

    Today’s employers are frustrated that people are sick of their toxic behaviors, but they still continue to exhibit it. Then, they wonder why people don’t have the courtesy to call them if they find something else.

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