joe budden gets with isaiah rashad

there was a time i would have rode joe budden until the last stop in jersey.
i still have fantasies of a voice like his waking me up at 3 in the morning.
i need him to stop smoking cigarettes tho.

joe budden continues to go places in his career.
he really finagled the bag after everyone counted him out.
even with all of his scandals and all his past shenanigans,
he ain’t going back to that old life.
i don’t even think rapping wolf,
isaiah rashad,
was gonna talk to anyone in the media.
as you know,
he was ( x outed ) last year.
he felt comfortable for joe to bag that interview right quick…


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i can’t wait to get exclusive interviews.
i dream of interviewing my bajan sis,
on the foxhole one day in the near future.
first of all,
this is huge since it comes from such a sticky topic.
many straight males in journalism wouldn’t have touched this.
double pause?
i like how joe interviews artists.
i was shocked he even claimed he was a journalist in that clip tbh.
he has a way of speaking to folks and getting right to the meat.
triple pause?
are we going for a fourth,

he knows how to do it without coming off like a clout chaser.

either way and God willing,
i’ll be watching tomorrow on 5. 26. 22.

lowkey: no seriously,
is joe bi frfr?
and wasn’t he bi when i wanted to fuck him back in 2003-ish?

13 thoughts on “joe budden gets with isaiah rashad

  1. Jamari, I remember when Joe’s pictures leaked and people said he was small.

    Joe. Budden. Is. Foine. As. Heck.

    His voice.
    His body.

    He is a perfect friend with benefits to get your sexual frustration taken care off while you look for Mr. Right.

    Joe Budden is Mr. Wrong and he can do no wrong.

  2. Lol @ these comments. I’d let Joe smash too and I’m curious what he says and how this will effect his music. Interesting times to be alive!

    1. That part! Joe low key try-sexual, will try anything once, so Im not surprised at this.

  3. Where is that interview happening? Spotify? I thought Joe came out already as bi.

    I didn’t know Isaiah got down like that but I don’t really know him much.

    1. ^ he said in a past interview he don’t need much time or stamina and he will put you to sleep.
      i was like mo’nique…

      “i’d like to see it”

  4. I will tune in. I think the interview is important for the culture. Many rappers, both current and future artists may have had bisexual experiences or have bisexual loved ones and etc so this elephant in the room has to be addressed. Especially after that sex tape.

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