i have a question about weapons and the people who own them

i have a question for the foxhole.
it’s a quick one.
i don’t want to take up much of your time.
so one of ^these guns,
an ar-15,
was used by that killing hyena in the texas ar massacre yesterday.
he allegedly uploaded his guns to his ig stories.
the damage to those poor kids was so bad,
they literally had to swab their parents for dna to identify them.
they said those kids were ripped apart by the impact of the bullets.
so i did some research and saw how powerful these guns really are.

this is where my question comes into play…

Why does a regula degula need a military-style weapon?

at what point do you need a weapon like that?
who are the owners of these weapons hunting?
big foot?
the chitauri in hopes of fighting for the tesseract?

i’m just confused about this whole gun debate.
if you aren’t military or in the police force

What purpose does someone need a weapon that powerful for?

and tell me it’s not to pose like on “america’s next top hunter“?

…and why is it so easy for an 18-year-old to get one?
the only time i’ve seen these guns used is to kill a mass amount of people.

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  1. Those guns make a grown man flip when hit so imagine what it will do to kids

  2. Jamari, this is why I don’t want to date a hunter.

    If you are comfortable taking a peaceful deer out, imagine when I piss you off because I run my mouth?


    The “they’re coming to take our guns” are more insane than anti-maskers. You don’t need something that can commit a genocide for a home invader.

  3. 40% of Americans own guns. There are 350 million Americans, give or take, as of the 2020 Census (which grossly undercounted Black and Latino people).

    How many guns are there in the US? 400 million, mostly (393 million in civilian hands, not the military or police). Why are there so many more guns than 1) gun owners or 2) Americans in general?

    Why are so few people arming themselves like the armies of small countries? That many guns out there helps to explain the extensive gun violence and high rate of death by firearms.

    Think about that for a minute.

  4. One of the things I like about these comments and this site it the ability to keep it real, so lets have some real conversations. I do love America but we just have to be honest that this country was founded off of betrayal, bloodshed, genocide, rape, pillage and plunder and a lot of people through generational wealth and inheritance live very good off of those ill gotten gains and unless you’re a recent immigrant ( and I don’t intend for that to be divisive ) most people know what happened here and how America was really created. Simply put these weapons have always been used to intimidate, terrorize, and ultimately silence, if necessary, those who would stand up and demand what’s rightly theirs, and that’s the reluctance in giving them up.

    Most people in America live in California, Texas, New York, Pennsylvania, and Florida; in 2022 we get our food from the supermarket, which comes from farms and the slaughterhouse; so, guns are not about hunting especially not hunting for survival. Then there is this narrative of protection but statistically you are more likely to have your own weapon used against you than you are to use it successfully for protection. Contrary to the narrative being pushed out the most dangerous cities and States in the United States are in red “Stand your ground “States. Chicago, New York, Los Angeles don’t even crack the top 25 most dangerous places in America; but you wouldn’t know that have the media especially Fox news tell it. Then there is this myth that you can only stop a bad guy with a good by having a good guy with a gun; and yet when you look at the parkland shooting that cop ran away and now we are finding out that there was some hesitation from law enforcement in this recent shooting; and that’s really frustrating because the real heroes in these situations are the teachers and school administrators who put there lives on the line to protect these kids without the benefit of a weapon or body gear

    And if we really want to go there why does there seem to be a lack of outrage at the Buffalo shooting or this most recent one or is it just me ( as compared to previous shootings

  5. I just don’t understand the whole gun thing. I get all the arguments and I’m not tryna hear all that right now. I just want us to stop killing each other over senseless ass shit. From the elderly up in Buffalo to the babies killed in Texas, all within 2 weeks time. Utterly ridiculous and pure mayhem. God bless all of those families affected by these crimes.

  6. As a gun owner I found it so idiotic that if you Wanted you can go in and buy as many rifles as you want and shotguns but if you wanted to buy a handgun you’re only allowed one every 30 days in New Jersey. Make that make sense 🧐. Personal defense is fine but if we get to an “end of the world” or “apocalypse” level stunt, nothing will save you. We like to quote this amendment when it was written at a time where citizen were are actually fighting because they had no choice to. We’re far from that level and this type of gun isn’t necessary.

  7. White people feel inferior and that someone will try to harm them. Imagine deriving from a race who has historically committed some of the worse atrocities in the world now fearing that they’re erasure is imminent. When I purchased my gun I took a gun training course to learn how to properly use it. It’s a 9mm. At the gun range I’m hearing and seeing how loud and powerful these weapons are and noticing that most people of color in the place didn’t own them. I was offered a subscription into the NRA they said it’d give you discounts for traveling, purchases, etc. I signed on because I was curious about what’s in the magazines. I began receiving gun magazines that had so much political propaganda about the left stealing our guns and rights and how we have to be ready at all times to protect our rights. I quickly ended my subscription. Between fox news, these magazines; organizations and racism this is why so much continues to happen. It’s disgusting. White Men fear becoming and being treated as minorities. #IRONY

    1. ^okay this makes sense.
      sad if it’s true.
      and i BET if some shit was really to go down,
      these fools would panic and shoot themselves

      1. Or worst, I’ve heard of untrained gun owners assumed their in an attempted home robbery end up shooting there own friend or family member.

      2. It’s true Jamari! I work with a bunch of ignorant white people. I remember them crying about Obama taking their guns and buying up all the ammunition, saying stupid shit like “nobody better come on my property and try to take my guns or else it’s going to be a war”. And most of them are physically weak, they feel intimidated by black. They’re scary as hell

    2. I am in total agreeance with this one. “White Men fear becoming and being treated as minorities,’ that one sentence sums it all up. It’s odd that many of them still have such closed minds on violence. Caucasians are most likely to commit the most brutal and heinous crimes. They built their history in America on this (Manifest Destiny, Slavery, Japanese-Americans into internment camps during WWII). But all of their actions go back to that one sentence. Every decision and action they take is because their afraid of becoming the minority. The ones that are not in control.

      1. Agreed. They are scared as hell that they are becoming the minority and will do anything to ensure that minorities in this country “know their place”. Hence all the propaganda you see on the news now. They fear-monger and it is sad.
        The tragedy that occurred in Texas, white Republicans in office could care less because it was a bunch of minority children (or in their eyes “children of illegal immigrants”) but were it a school full of white kids..you better believe they’d be up in arms. But they still wouldn’t discuss gun rights. That’s their bread and butter.
        And someone needs to tell Ted Cruz’s dumb ass he is not white. He may THINK he is a part of the all boys club…but let something go down and he will be thrown right in with the rest of them and get that ass beaten! LOL

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