when dragging someone else at chilli’s gets you dragged and embarrassed too

some people are just awful to others and don’t need platforms.
the majority of the public is awful and loves the foolishness.
this is the latest in awful:

his tiktok is @4evableeda.
^this jackal thought it was in his best interest to be awful in chilli’s.
he decided to record a couple where the male couldn’t afford the meal

@4evableeda #messiecee #chilis ♬ original sound – 🫀🤍

not a walking stereotype at that.
so imagine being this level of trash at a chilli’s.

it’s the nerve for me.
he thought he would get a laugh by being toxic but i’m here to font:

your husband brought you to Chilli’s.
You ain’t no better.

it might be my new yawk way of living fonting atm.
chain restaurants are cool but when i’ve gone to pre-game,
my people will find a random spot to meet up at.
has good drinks but they’re low-tier when it comes to food.
they put whip cream on cornbread for birthdays.
when i think of spots in new yawk that i wanna try with my manz:

Gramercy Tavern
Brooklyn Chop House

…or we pick a spot on apple maps,
we meet up there,
and walk around until we find a lowkey spot to eat at.
i mean,
this is new yawk.
you can eat good at a spot that isn’t “where everyone goes”.

So when I see someone trying to throw shade at a damn Chilli’s,
it really confuses me because that’s low-tier dining.

if he ain’t gonna help those people,
he needs to mind his business and step his yelp game up.
you talking shit at a chilli’s.
no shade to chilli’s but if i go there,
i’m not going there with the intention to be shady.
i mean,
do we expect better from “these types” tho:

@4evableeda Click the link in my bio #messiecee ♬ original sound – CasaDi

lowkey: i fux with papa johns or dominoes but when i’m out,
i’ll get a dolla pizza at a local spot.
if i’m feeling real saddity,
i’ll get a slice from joe’s pizza.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

3 thoughts on “when dragging someone else at chilli’s gets you dragged and embarrassed too”

  1. It’s the unnecessary bragging that sent me. This is not the time to be flexing where inflation is rearing it’s head we on the verge of a full on 1930’s style recession. None of us are above struggling so he needs to be careful talking about other people cause that same folks you looking down on today are going to be the same folks you’ll have to look up at on your way down so be humble.

  2. Shady Sissy Shenanigans!🥴
    I could feed a family on $20 so everything being $18 and under isn’t a necessary dealmaker.
    I would have sent a waiter to them and said the meals were courtesy of a anonymous restaurant patron.
    This mud duck needs a fist right in his fat lipped mouth.

    1. I agree, I couldn’t even watch the video. The shame that family must have felt.I probably would have offered to pay anonymously too. Some people have low morals.

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