the harsh reality of america, mass shootings, and yourself

the united states are in utter shambles.
everything is a mess.
people can’t even go to the mall,
the supermarket,
or even school without the possibility of getting shot TF up.
the latest mass shooting was in allen, texas at a mall and again,
everyone is outraged and up in arms.

“We have to get rid of guns!”
“Children are dying!”
“We need to show them the carnage!”

i’m here to font you about the jackals in power

They don’t care.

these people don’t care.
i mean,
kanye said it about bush when it came to katrina.
its the truth.
they want their guns and they don’t care who perishes.
drag queens,
and gays will always be their enemies to them over anyone else.
it is an excuse to gaslight us into thinking we are the problem.
so i’ve decided to do something and i need you to do it too:

Stop caring.

in 2023,
this is the 199th mass shooting.
if they cared,
it would have been the second or none at all.

They didn’t care about the kids.
They didn’t care about the old people.
They didn’t care if they were white.

and realistically,
since its always has the same response from the public:

WE don’t care

…because we know nothing will be done.
so if you live in texas and hate all that is happening,
it’s time to move.
if you hate how things are in the us,
there are other countries to relocate to.
simple as that.
some of us just want to get off to outrage porn.
everyone wants something done,
but we have stans of jackals in power who outnumber and overpower.
i know it sounds cold and heartless but it’s the truth.
someone had to font it.
so instead of putting your energy into caring,
put it into something you care about.
the bey concert in a month or what you’re doing for memorial day.

I think we are too far gone to care anymore.

lowkey: at this point,
thanos needs to snap his finger and get rid of the trash.

3 thoughts on “the harsh reality of america, mass shootings, and yourself

  1. The NRA owns all these blobs of flesh called politicians. This is a shit hole country, with zero empathy for anything that has a beating heart.

  2. America was founded on White Supremacy and its roots are firmly embedded in genocide and the oppression of people of color. The Trump years only strengthened these evil notions. White racists have armed themselves in anticipation of “the great uprising of black people,” they fear will come in retribution for their evil. If a few hundred innocent children and adults die as a result of their armaments, so be it.

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