tell these men to stop being sassy cause they are looking gay af

wake up,
a new word just became popular in the black community.
move over “narcissist” and make way for:


it’s not so much new but it’s being used to torment straight males

…or is it pointing out how feminine many straight black males have become in today’s society?

a vix-bi sent me an interesting discussion on a podcast yesterday.
it was males asking vixens about males being “sassy”.
this inspiring discussion was on “daily rapup crew“…

start: @22:41

do you see the stereotypical male they used in the screengrab?

so black males need to just be robots,
i guess?

If we were to call out how if black vixens have two or more baby daddies,
then she is considered “used goods” within the dating world

Black vixens being used as breeding machines while “others” get the ring

The natural hair vs weaves discussion

How the reason many black vixens are single is that many black males don’t actually seem to like them

“The angry black woman” in all its ugliness vs “The sassy latina” and all her sexually attractive energy 

those same vixens would be offended.
some might even cry.
black males being called gay for silly shit?
thats totally fine.

when i say/font a male is sassy,
it has nothing to do with him going to the movies with his male friend.
males can’t be friends anymore?

When I say a male is sassy,
it’s the males that aren’t aggressive and want to be chased around like a damsel in distress.
They play girl games when it comes to dating/friendships.

They treat their wives and girlfriends like shit while highlighting their male friendships.
The ones who have attitudes and are filled with raging Daddy issues,
partly due to being raised and coddled by their mamas.

…but sure,
push these males into a gay stereotype so that even if they are gay,
they’ll just work harder in appearing straighter for society.
that’s totally fine.

lowkey: it feels like we are going backward in society.
is it just me or have things gotten worse?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “tell these men to stop being sassy cause they are looking gay af”

  1. I think you have to be careful not to take the opinion of one person and jump to the Conclusion that his opinion represents most people in a huge group. Clearly, many if not most black women would disagree with this girl’s opinion(she literally says it in the tweet). Unfortunately, women still get called these horrific things regardless. And these comments and her tweets also prove how misogyny and homophobia go hand and hand it’s a constant cycle.

  2. This is just ignorant on so many levels. fuck those hoes. If I’m hungry I’m going to eat appetizers, entree, AND dessert. They don’t like it, pay for you own damn meal. Talking shyt when they not even paying. GTFOH

  3. And BLK women wonder why they’re in the least desired category, this is bird logic. Being straight is exhausting especially for BLK men, there’s too many toxic outdated societal rules to follow and the minute they break one they’re “sassy”. Or anytime a man who isn’t pressed for pussy, displays high level of confidence and knows his worth he’s “sassy” I’m glad BLK men are starting to become more and more unorthodox and care less about social norms. The gays and yts will be happy to be with a “sassy” man, while you stressed out not knowing if Toxic Tyrone coming to see his kids on the weekend.

  4. I refuse to deal with ignorance. Some people are a Lost cause. There is absolutely no point into arguing with her. Let her suck them DL D.

  5. This
    Crud bucket appetizer shaming wench is a pathetic Raggedy Ann Captain Crunch minded embarrassment. We have now appropriated food and lent gender biased insecurity elements to what we eat!? These breeders are a new breed of kitten. Somebody take the wheel before I wreck my tricycle.

  6. I’m so tired of this mess. 🤦🏾‍♂️
    Also the lingo they are referring to that “women” use was taken from the lgbtq community not from women.

  7. Honestly this is making black women look real pathetic.

    How pressed would they be if a man started calling women masculine for petty shit saying “it’s a red flag for me if a woman wears sweatpants. It’s a red flag for me if a woman has short hair. It’s a red flag for me if a woman wears sports bras. Those are studly things to do.”

    It’s giving low vibrational, insecure, hypocritical, and ignorant.

    1. Well gon head and say those things! Women are down bad with trans people taking over their shit, abortion rights gone etc etc so this is all they got poor things. I couldn’t care less what a female/woman/bitch got to say because I’m not checking for them nor do I need their validation. Good luck to them finding a worthwhile spouse with those gutter attitudes.

      1. And women throw the rocks, fan the flames hide their hands behind their weaves after a lot of tragic shit go down.

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