are we protesting for jonathan price or nah?

the great divide.
i see a lot of folks are divided with the following story.
as you know,
black lives have been the target of the police.
many of them have been very unfair killings.
jonathan price,
who is seen ^above,
is another who was recently killed by the police.
he was killed by a cop when trying to intervene in a domestic disturbance.
( x read here )
the issue with jonathan is his past social media antics.
it seems he allegedly was:

Conflicted about black lives matter
Supported the police
Had beef with his family while highlighting the white folks who supported him
“Addicted” to white vixens.

the following was pulled from his facebook,
around the time of the george floyd protests

i guess the white officers who let him slide in the past werent on duty the night of his death.
this part was bothersome and nearly made me stop reading:

he sounded happily white washed to me.
there is so much irony in his post.
for these types:

Do we still protest for them?

it seems he was on the #bluelivesmatter wave.
the same black family he was throwing under the bus is crying for him on the front lines now.
i think it was #godsplan to show us stop caping for the police.
they hav never gaf about black lives.
its a shame jonathan price got his wake up call too late.

the white officer who killed jonathan has been ( x arrested ).


Author: jamari fox

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21 thoughts on “are we protesting for jonathan price or nah?”

  1. He is such a handsome man. The sad thing is, this is not surprising at all. We are taught by each other and society to hate ourselves and therefore hate each other. We’re always finding ways to chase away any semblance of our African ancestry in an attempt to assimilate into the majority. But in the end, they’ll show you exactly what they think about you, and it won’t matter if you’re pro-black, pro-police, pro-white women, or pro-equality. #eyesopen

    1. ^110%

      its sad to read “We are taught by each other and society to hate ourselves and therefore hate each other.”
      thats really depressing how oppressed we are.

  2. Not me. If you’re from Texas you know his type.

    Black athlete that thinks white people walk on water and will move Heaven and Earth for pink pussy.

    I guess his coon insurance kicked in because he grew up with that Red Sox player and the cop was arrested. His white friends will have a candlelight vigil and move, bury him and move right along.

    Contrary to popular belief we should be discerning about who we get behind. I doubt slaves shed tears when black overseers died🤷🏾‍♂️

    If you’re furthering white supremacy in life you are not entitled to black people’s condolences and emotional labor in death….even if you are black.

      1. Shaun King and other idiots be like “we have to stand for all black lives”

        Not I.

        Shaun just sensationalizes everything because it equals more money for him to collect.

        Woman beaters, child molesters, boot lickers, black men that openly or covertly hate black women can drop dead and I wouldn’t bat an eye. I have nothing for these Black Republicans furthering Trump’s agenda either.

        Criminal history is the only thing I’m flexible on just because from my work I know how easy it is to for black people to get caught in the legal system at an early age.

        Considering black women are usually always on the front lines protesting they are absolutely entitled to be selective in their labor, especially when these dudes disrespected them in life. Some may see past it, but some might want to preserve their peace considering black women never receive the same “grace” men do.

    1. “I doubt slaves shed tears when black overseers died🤷🏾‍♂️

      If you’re furthering white supremacy in life you are not entitled to black people’s condolences and emotional labor in death….even if you are black.”


  3. …. I’ve never seen anyone actually use emoji’ in this cringy way without intentionally being ironic. my god, that was hard to read and made me uncomfortable. I’m not even referring to the content.

    How does anyone over 16 write like this? Paragraphs with stickers like damn, bruh. I can’t take that crayola epistle seriously.

  4. we shouldn’t protest for him but dummies are going to anyway just like they did for the other self hater that didn’t like blm and hated black women. they raised so much money for dude’s family. black people don’t ever wanna teach anybody a lesson.

  5. This is very sad.

    We are allowed to think differently and feel differently ( I don’t agree with his personal views on the police and race), but he did not deserve to die .

    Yes ,”I will protest his death” . This Texas Ranger only saw his Black skin. My skin and perhaps many of you have Black skin and would have been seen and dealt with the same as Jonathan because of it. This must always be protested!!!

    Perhaps one day Johnathan Price /”Coon” may become “Woke ” and see the errors of his ways!!

    Opps ,, wait .. he won’t get to grow and learn the errors of his ways ..BECAUSE HE WAS SHOT FOR SIMPLY HAVING BLACK SKIN( Sad).

  6. The irony. I lowkey have mixed feelings about it. On one side of the token I feel like regardless of his perspective and preferences, he still is a black man who met his demise senselessly.

    However, being a black man and downplaying the severity of racism and police brutality just because you personally haven’t had that experience, is completely dismissive of the thousands of black people who have been abused, and murdered by the hands of law enforcement and racist. This is one of those situations we’re you wished he lived, so he could see just how dead wrong he was.

    Most importantly coon or not, the bigger picture is that THEY’RE still killing us. That cop didn’t know or care he was actually a advocate for them, he just saw black. So although he may be undeserving of support, we can’t let his death be swept under the rug. This is bigger than him. This is still about BLACK LIVES being disregarded.

  7. Looks like his nigga wake up call came with a bullet…
    Sounds to me like Jonathan got the white approval he clearly desired and said fuck my own people. Its a truly sick negro that will dismiss the entire struggle of his own race because “the whites’ have been nice to him. I can imagine how many George Floyds he turned his nose up at all because some white officer let him skate on a speeding ticket. I also wonder how many white people are now looking at him at one of the “he should have just complied” negroes that he had so much smoke for.

  8. Oh and btw the couple that was having the fight he broke up left the scene together…they’re fine now.

    Guess what color the woman was? I wonder if his “addiction to white woman” made him intervene?

    Ain’t no way in hell, I would get involved with domestic incident with white ppl as a black man. I am Ray Charles and Helen Keller if there’s screaming.

  9. there should not be a protest for Jonathan because he will not make it into heaven. one of the many commandments that were collabroatively written by moses is for us, “black” people, to not mix our melanin with the gentiles, caucasians are some of the many that are classified as gentiles

  10. Lawd what happens when you get your “Nigga” Wake Up Call and you cant wake up. Well where are all of his All Lives Matter/Blue Lives Matter friends at now. I must have missed them protesting his death. I guess the Whiteys he loved so much have said “Ooopsie” we made a mistake and got one of the good Negroes. So much for being judged on the content of your character. I wonder did Blue Lives loving GregYm see this, he probably still thinks he will be safe because technically he is not Black but Puerto Rican. What puzzle me so much about this story is that he was in a small town and from what I read he worked in said small town for the city and the police officer did not recognize him? I am now wondering did his love of Becky’s do him in from a jealous officer. It is not adding up why if he was not a threat he was Tasered and Shot, from all accounts it look like he was trying to explain himself to Mr. White Officer, but of course Mr. White Officer just saw them muscles and that threatening Black Skin, it will eventually come out that this officer knew exactly who this dude was and killed him anyway. Such a tragedy, but I am sure an Army of Becky’s are organizing now to launch the biggest protest this country has ever seen in the death of their Black King!

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