the patterns aren’t broken, the sex might just be blinding them atm

when someone has a particular way of doing things consistently,
that can be a sign of who the person is.
we often ignore patterns because we hope things to be different.
we saw glimpses of those patterns as we got to know them,
but we chose to ignore it.

“When a person shows you who they are,
believe them.” – The great and late,
Maya Angelou.

one of my favorite quotes.
we like to think we are these special snowflakes when it comes to others,
that we’ll treated differently than those from their past,
but i’m here to font you…

That’s bullshit

if someone is unevolved,
they are treating everyone the same way.
you reached your breaking point with them,
but others probably have more tolerance for their behavior or haven’t seen it yet.
their self esteem and worth might be so low they turn the other cheek and ignore it.
you know those types need someone to ruin their lives along with themselves.

i use to look at wolves from my past/interests and their new situations like:

what was it about me that ended up getting the bs?
Their new situation looks happy and I’m scorned.”

it would make me feel a certain way,
but that’s the thing.
you don’t know what is happening bts of people’s lives and relationships.

if they treated you a certain way,
what makes you think they are suddenly amazing somewhere else?
you know social media flexin’ ain’t real.
humans are creatures of habit.
we have a set way of doing things and not even realizing it.
folks don’t change overnight.
many of these patterns were formed starting years or decades ago.
our parents are often responsible for creating these patterns.
males don’t become prince charming,
and vixens don’t become disney princesses,
because they left you and met someone new.
there is always a honeymoon phase.
it’s often lots of fuckin’ and the high of something new.
this alsi happens in jobs and friendships.

You have to meet the real person eventually.
You have to meet the real side of the job eventually.

the question is will you put up with it?
it can be a real dealbreaker for some.
i’ve learned to start looking at patterns with everything.

Look at the patterns in our own lives.

why are we always single?
why are we always hopping from job to job?
why are we always in new friendships?

it goes both ways and many times,
we can be the problem and not even realize it.

lowkey: sex always blinds folks from destructive patterns?
you gotta keep fuckin’ their brains out so they can ignore them.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

One thought on “the patterns aren’t broken, the sex might just be blinding them atm”

  1. This is all so true, especially when you realize that you are the problem. Once you realize that, there must be some reevaluating and unlearning that needs to be done with oneself.

    It can take years, but it has to be done in order to make better sense of life.

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