The Empire That Cried “DL Wolf”

tumblr_o6om6cQr8e1u5351mo1_500well empire tried to give us “la complex” tonight.
they introduced a new lust interest for jamal.
his name is “d-major” and he is also dl.
he blew jamal’s back out,
was acting funny in public,
realized he liked the flavor of jamal’s walls,
and now jamal will be his lowkey side piece.
that sounds like a excerpt from my memoirs.
well here are some of my thoughts

  • is luscious mama really supposed to look like an older kelly rowland?
  • so they just introduce her character and bypass luscious lies?
    he told them his mama was dead and even had a fake tombstone.
    they call him out on everything,
    but that???
    …and he was damn near terrified when she popped up,
    but he let her stay with him.
  • what was the point of tiana and hakeem?
    his dick suddenly got hard for her…
  • they didn’t even build up the “dl” love triangle properly.
    they just start fuckin’ after he kicked all them out the studio?
    no one found that weird?
    they should have introduced the dl wolf couple episodes up.
  • i thought dora was back?
  • the straights on my twitter tl damn near had a fit.
    i called out dwayne mckell for his obvious homophobic rant.
    he got in his feelings and then this happened:
    Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 10.34.47 PMtumblr_o6omt8Ooei1u5351mo1_500…okay um then bye now.
  • it took damn near a month and a half for rhonda to remember she was pushed?
    she wasn’t even in a coma.
  • they should make the “pusher” be someone else.
    boo boo kitty is way too easy of a reveal.
  • what is the point of cookie’s sisters plot again?
    i lost interest.
  • i loved the final song the lyon’s clan sung at the end.
  • when did luscious mama find time to bake all those cakes?
    you tellin’ me she damn near baked 20 cakes undetected?
    i thought she was on “high alert watch”?
  • was that not a “eat the cake annie mae” moment or what?
    tumblr_o6om0towjv1u5351mo1_500all in all,
    for this season to be ending in two weeks is really disappointing.
    i felt these episodes where rushed,
    random characters were added for no reason,
    and the story line is all over the place.
    let’s hope they fire all the writers and start fresh next year.
    i have faith they can fix this.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

18 thoughts on “The Empire That Cried “DL Wolf””

  1. Tonight’s episode was the best one I have watched in a while. It is almost as if the drama reinvented itself.

  2. Haven’t watched one episode and don’t plan to. Lol sounds like it’s losing steam fast though.

      1. Fox will drop that ass in a heartbeat, but I’m sure BET will then pick it up like they did The Game.

    1. I missed probably the last 4 episodes and I don’t plan on watching any more… I’ve officially lost interest. The storylines had me confused so I stopped forcing myself to watch

  3. Eileen Chaiken,Empire’s show runner,told Variety someone is going to die in the finale.

    They borrowed so much from LA Complex(1)the kiss out of nowhere(2)The scene where the D Major goes to Jamal’s apt is like the scene when Kal goes to the lawyers apartment.D Major being on the DL.

    I don’t know how Luscious’ mother became six shades lighter over forty years😀 Kelly Rowland’s complexion in her thirties and Alicia Keyes complexion in her seventies.Lol
    This was the best episode of the season but that’s not really saying much.Hopefully they can bounce back in Season 3.

  4. I can’t even sit through it anymore, its so trash and I’ve seen the interviews with some of the writers and they swear they are doing so well and they think their so intelligent it’s sad cause this could’ve been great had it been able to simply keep the basic melodrama writing they had in the first season. But they couldn’t even do that. Trash.

    1. It’s so funny because I hear people talking about how good the show is now, and I’m like, obviously you are not used to watching a show with good writers…because that shyt is all over the place. I may catch flack for this but sadly, our people will accept anything, calling it good, as long as it has “shock value” in it. I’ve seen too many good shows with great character development, to call this show good. It WAS good in Season One…but it went downhill this season. I was done by the third episode. Hopefully they can bring in better writers and rescue it from itself.

  5. I love your commentary Jamari lol ….trust me, the moment my mama turn on the oven the whole family know about it…20 cakes though?

    …yeah there is too much going on with la complex fantasy. Then they named a guy “Tariq”

  6. Loving the commentary… LA Complex was the first thing I thought of when he kissed Jamal. And yeah, at least with LA Complex they built up to the moment he unexpectedly kissed Tariq. That said scene could have went a lil’ better…but, imma stick with this show for now.

  7. that jamal scene was out of nowhere,in LA complex there was a build up,especially when they were in a club you could the lingering eye but this one in Empire was lame,
    do we need a straight white man to write about hay people of color ? #crying lol

  8. My sister told me about the DL wolf scene since I’ve kinda stopped watching. I just don’t have the energy to get through the show like I did last year.

  9. I like that they’re using his character to show the various expressions of same-sex love.

  10. I applaud anyone who still watches this show – your resolve is unparalleled…mine completely withered away ’bout 3-4 eps into season 1…

  11. I’ve been saying the same thing about his mama since we first saw her. But that last scene tho…”Who told you to stop eating?” had me ctfu. The only person that devil seems to be afraid of is death and his mama.But yeah this season seems to be all over the place, in each episode there’s really only like one good scene.

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