How To Go From “10” to “-1” In My Foxhole

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 6.15.38 PMnot everyone will like “us”.
it’s a hard pill to swallow,
but we aren’t for everyone.
it’s not even sexuality either.
we won’t be liked because of our:

skin tone
simply because we woke up in the morning

not everyone will like “the foxhole” either.
well i read this comment today and was truly disgusted.
it’s about christopher “killa cam” matthews.
“the vegan wolf”.
well one of the foxholers had an alleged run in with him.

“Chris was my top IG Crush a few years back…..until I made the mistake of liking/commenting on one of his pics for the first time. It was the most innocent comment ever. Something to the effort of “Nice socks. *smiley face*.” Some Latin Whore found it amusing that another man had commented on his pic & got Chris involved in the fun. They then proceeded to laugh me from one end of IG to the other. Before deleting the picture/post altogether. My most humiliating internet experience ever. I’ve made it a point never to like or comment on any of his pics since then. Although I couldn’t bring myself to unfollow his sexy ass. He’s good eye candy.

On another note…..since I follow Chris I see what images he likes. I find it interesting that I’ve NEVER seen him like a single pic with someone Black in it. Not one time in 3 years! He seems to fancy White & Latin Men & Vixens. His business but interesting nonetheless…..” – CommonKnowledge ( x see entry here )


it’s one thing to feel uncomfortable.
it can be a culture shock when “us” is in a straight male’s comments.
take into consideration he may have been “tried” by someone before.
there are a ton of reasons a straight wolf may be “uncomfortable”.
homophobia could be a major factor.
the problem is being a bully.

So it took some “Latin Whore” to allegedly bring out his asshole side?

…then the making fun in his comment box.
i find that kinda lame.
even though he is handsome,
actions like this can make someone really ugly.
not to mention his color struck ways.
so he seems to be a fucked up animal.
i’m sorry this happened to the foxholer.
word of advice tho…
if you are in an attentionisto’s comments,
and you see a ton of vixens,
make it your best interest to NOT comment.
i’d stick with a “like” and leave it alone.
some of these straight wolves can ack’ realllllllllllll stupid…
once a battery is in their back.

13 thoughts on “How To Go From “10” to “-1” In My Foxhole

  1. Oh wow! I didn’t know all that! Ew, my mind has been thoroughly changed. I don’t do the whole IG thing so this is all news to me! There is nothing more unattractive.

  2. I’m sorry the foxholes had to go through the that, these is no excuse for bullying. I’m gone to have to agree with Jay we do give mofos too much shine at times( hell I’m guilty of it on here). It’s like we can’t be fans without feeling guilty for it or something. Shit I say we start pumping up our own kind up on here, I would love to see more pineapple posts on actual sexy ass gay men, I know there are some out there worth mentioning lol

  3. Lol y’all give these juiced up IG boys too much leverage. Anybody can go in the gym and pump up with the right dedication. What do you expect from them? A thank you? LOL these guys feed off your comments to boost their ego’s. You’re nothing but a groupie/fan to them. Wake up. You give them way too much power

    1. I’m saying though!

      If I didn’t have 9-5 and didn’t have to worry about going to a REAL JOB, I’d be fit, fine, and well rested too shit!

      I need somebody to hit some keys on the organ cuz I know I’m preaching to somebody today!

  4. Screw his insecure ass, he just became so unattractive to me. I hate that the foxholer had to go through something like that, and foxholer I hope you were clapping back at him and that Latin whore. These muscle dudes love having their shirts off acting like only females look at their pictures. By the way that commercial that was posted yesterday of him and that vixen was lame and wack as fuck.

  5. Lol…more on this fool? Okay, if this dude comes from the common attentionisto/personal trainer/model/entrepreneur varietal, then all this dude was tryin’a do is protect the image of his multifaceted portfolio (insert blank stare), but this dummy jus made the mistake of goin too hard on that front, tryina jone on a bruh, smh…and if he is “liking” suspect sh*t, then this also anotha case of “[He] doth protest too much, me thinks…” The only other post I wanna see on this ninja is some schadenfreudal type sh*t from our friends from the catfish interview, if not *yawn* and “neeext”!

  6. I knew he looked familiar, but I was not sure. We discussed him and his coon ways a couple years ago on here, but I don’t remember which post it was. It did not register to me when you first started posting him again, but I thought I seen that chest tat before. From my memory, he only dates white women and lives in Cali.

    1. ^i think he was the one who had the exotical baby talmbout:

      “this is what i want my cub to look like”

      i can’t remember.
      we discussed a lot of fuck-jackals over the years…

      1. Yea that was him. Jamari, you are recycling men and don’t even know it lol. Even I forgot.

  7. Not Breaking News unfortunately. I follow a couple of “personal trainers” on Instagram too and a few of them don’t even post photos with other Black or dark complexed people. Once some of them get their little Sports Nutrition or Apparel endorsements they start lusting for the snow.
    But whateverz…

    But how do you see a person’s Likes or Comment activities on Instagram? Am I doing it wrong? 🙁

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