And The Miss USA Goes To…

CkO8DrEXAAADNsneveryone give a big congrats to deshauna barber of dc!
she won the 2016 miss usa pageant last night!
she is gorgeous and is also is part of the military.
very nice indeed!
always glad to see a sista vixen getting her crown.


Author: jamari fox

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12 thoughts on “And The Miss USA Goes To…

  1. Yaaas!…I was doin’ big “Hercules claps”…her response to the challenge quesrion, or whatever, was hella on point and she was poised a/f….chocolate brain/brawn – w/ a fem touch, loves it!

  2. Come through Ms. USA, always a good look to see an intelligent beautiful sister take home the top prize of course some of DeWhite People are mad and leaving nasty comments all over social media. It is just the time we live in now that everyone can dim your shine when you are a person of color with their racist rhetoric. Stay Mad, you cant block or stop us from shining!

    1. This always happens when the media (FINALLY) acknowledges Black people (especially women) as beautiful. They get mad and try to trash her as if they have some legitimate reason ( they don’t), and then will turn around and claim that racism doesn’t exist. LOL!

      My response to that is: “Okay! If you say so!…but you’re an idiot.”

      Go girl! Get it! It’s always nice to see moments like this!

  3. There were three Black contestants in the top 5.If they had come in 1st,2nd and 3rd ,they would probably hold a congressional hearing to find out what happened๐Ÿ˜€.I was actually rooting for Miss Georgia until Miss D.C. answered the last question.I’m happy for both of them.

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