The “George Hill” Mega Leakage Drop

when did attentionisto extraordinaire,
george hill,
start getting semi naked?
i mean look at these gifs/videos

not for “straight” eyes


tumblr_o89tk6CrK11vwtmfoo1_400 tumblr_o89tk6CrK11vwtmfoo2_400 tumblr_o89tk6CrK11vwtmfoo3_400 tumblr_o89tk6CrK11vwtmfoo4_400

tumblr_o88digOEnG1vwtmfoo1_250 tumblr_o88digOEnG1vwtmfoo2_250 tumblr_o88digOEnG1vwtmfoo3_250 tumblr_o88digOEnG1vwtmfoo4_250

and then these:

tumblr_o84accfOEX1vwtmfoo1_250 tumblr_o84accfOEX1vwtmfoo2_250 tumblr_o84accfOEX1vwtmfoo3_250 tumblr_o84accfOEX1vwtmfoo4_250

lets not forget these:

tumblr_o846ozUusg1vwtmfoo1_250 tumblr_o846ozUusg1vwtmfoo2_250 tumblr_o846ozUusg1vwtmfoo4_250 tumblr_o846ozUusg1vwtmfoo5_250 tumblr_o846ozUusg1vwtmfoo6_250 tumblr_o846ozUusg1vwtmfoo7_250

and finally:

tumblr_o843qfqX9l1vwtmfoo1_250 tumblr_o843qfqX9l1vwtmfoo2_250 tumblr_o843qfqX9l1vwtmfoo3_250 tumblr_o843qfqX9l1vwtmfoo4_250i don’t have this channel on my tv.
i may need a subscription.
holy shit.

lowkey: money must be tight.
never thought i’d see the day george hill started stripping.
yeah right.
i’m scared if he ever came out with a sex tape,
it would be on “dwayne mckell” levels of basic.
i could see george fuckin’ some old pussy for a lifestyle tho.
he should make that happen.

all gifs and videos credited: george hill | g-hill spot

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

33 thoughts on “The “George Hill” Mega Leakage Drop”

  1. Poor boy. Nobody has been checking on him for awhile since he dissed the gays. Let this be a lesson to all these attentionistos….don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

      1. Lol he occasionally calls guys fags. He did it a month ago. He is an a-grade fuckboy on an all high level. Bless him. At least he’s trying with these videos.

    1. @Flyfoxx….EXACTLY! He’s starting to get like the stripper Heat. Heat did teasing shyt like this initially.
      The next thing you know we’ll start seeing dick shots every other day or so, followed by the jerk off vids and sex clips.
      The thirst is real when no one is paying attention any longer. LOL
      George is handsome though.

    1. Most women side eye men like this. The butt-crack, everything.. You’re so narcissistic and self-absorbed, when are you going to make time for a woman when you’re so up in your own ass? Men like that turn women off in general. Many women like their men to pay attention to them, so imagine being with somebody like this guy who compliments himself before anybody else. It would be too much for them.

      It’s gay men who feed off shit like this. If only he knew.. (or maybe he does *side-eye*)

      1. He doesn’t. Alot of them don’t. It’s funny I show some of the George Hill, Derek Tramel, and Beck pictures to women and half of them are grossed out. Gay men want to see dick and ass. I know girls who like booty but they don’t want their man taking pics like that

      2. Yep this only appeals to women that are thirsty, ugly, have low self esteem, or all of the above. Women want to be the center of attention but he and his type are not the ones that will let them have it.

  2. 😮 Something told me to swing back to this blog and I’m glad I did! This guy has been thirst trapping for years and now he’s finally giving me something to work with.. Sweet Minty Jesus!
    Thank Ya Jamari!

  3. The vids I knew were kinda old but the gifs are new to me. I’m not complaining though, he is a very good-looking guy and I think he really pulls off the scruffy hair and fro look. Bruh is fione and definitely very well put together. Thanks you and he have made my day.

    1. Lol, so this dude is gettin petioned on for not presenting the peen on periodically huh?…this too funny

      1. and they paying him monthly for this mess?! I laugh because one person said in their complaint that he wants $700 to show the dick! LMAO

        Don’t they realize that if they stop subscribing to that nonsense and pay him no attention…he’ll show it!! He’s getting attention, but if you take said attention away…he won’t be able to function and you’ll have Heat Part 2!! LOL

  4. Damn the foxhole be on top of it LMAO, I just saw all of these on Tumblr today and was thinking, how we havent had a post on G. Hill in awhile now and look at God he is here LOL! Anyway, I remember back in the day that he was talking shit to the Gays but honestly I thought he cleaned up his act and had redeemed himself because he knew were the bread and butter was coming from. I hadnt seen any disrespectful comments from him in years. Not really a fan of lite skin dudes but I got to take exception to G. Hill and admit my thirst. This dude is just naturally good looking a total package, of looks and body, cocky and arrogant but I cant stop looking at him, he is one of the best looking attentionista there is IMO.

    Mr. Hill did get his degree so he is not just a pretty boy with no smarts, I guess he is raising capital for a business venture and using his number one asset his looks. I aint mad, if I looked this good, I would capitalize on it as much as possible before everything starts to go to Hell. Make that money Georgie and stop gooping ya fans on connectpal pineapple, thats gone ruin your brand, gone and be a full fledged whore and show ya fans what ya working with.

  5. The man is fine and these videos and gifs are giving me all sorts of feelings. To be honest most of the guys posted on here the we lust after give me a ” homophobic until proven otherwise” vibe. I’m used to a lot of these attentionistos thinking like this even tho they do the most suspect of poses and such.

    1. ^Yeah, they homophobic. Wave the correct number of $$$ in front of their ass and all that homophobic attitude goes out the door. See, they know their “hood rat” followers can’t give them what they want/need, so they tease them. The “well to do” followers are the ones that get to see the goods up close and personal. They take them on trips with them, lavish them with gifts, etc.

      1. “Yeah, they homophobic. Wave the correct number of $$$ in front of their ass and all that homophobic attitude goes out the door.”

        followed by the “it’s my first time” and my favorite joke i hear from these kinds of dudes “i don’t usually do this kind of thing”

        but the scraps on your knees tell me otherwise


  6. He’s already in the bathroom so i don’t know why he doesn’t make good use of the sink and get rid of the dehydration that i can smell from each of these videos.

  7. Neguhs these days are more thottish and attention starved then the girls they always try to condemn. So much so that semi hard/nearly naked/grey sweatpants/compression shorts/towel pics barely got a second look now, because all the fuck boys with more than 7 inches are doing it. You have to put it all out there now (ie nude pix, videos, sex tape, etc). George is cute but c’mon, lean body, lite-skinned and tattooed(yawn). He does nothing for me. He whole vibe screams “trying to hard” He doesn’t have a natural sex appeal like Becks. He’s a dime a dozen now. He should have tried to capitalize off his marginal attention when he was popping. Now he’s just another thirsty nigga on tumblr and connectpal. When that attention starts to wane, these dudes will bust it open to get it back..Expect that j/o vid or sex tape any day now.

  8. Am I the only one who doesn’t see it? Does nothing for me, even before I learned more about his personality. I was bored lol.

    I’m so out of the IG loop, which I’m happy with, seems like a very vapid atmosphere. All these IG attentionistos I know are what’s posted on here so I get it small doses, but if I go to their pages, it’s just so redundant.

    1. Nah, Diggy. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. He doesn’t appeal to you, but that’s cool.
      I think he’s a handsome fella…but he got way too much comp nowadays. Hell, Ramses makes his ass look tired as fuck…and he not puttin himself out there like that (well, not that

      1. RAMSES, RAMSES, RAMSES! lmao
        Maybe it’s because this “Hill” guy is from before I knew about attentionistos, so he was never on my radar when he was “hot”. I think either way, I would have passed on him though!

        Ramses though, now THAT’S a FINE MAN!!!

  9. G Hill is on connect pal so thats where all this is really from.
    You have to pay a fee to see unless you rip and steal.
    Which most likely is what the owner of that tumblr page did.

  10. He favors Jessie Smollett! He’s handsome, but you’d wind up cussin’ his ass out (tap that ass tho!) LOLOL

  11. These social media Decepticon Attentionistos need to sit down. All they have is a body to fall back on and gay fans but when they want to dis the gays and their cybertron coins get on E, who do they run to?

    Heat got a body but he really looks lame.

    As sexy as that guy is up there, his despiration is strong. Gays should be like some straight women. Most of the women I know dont even be checking for dudes like this. They want men they can build a family with. All most of these dudes care about is THEIR apperance..

    They are usually stuckup and dont have a pot to piss in and a window to throw it out of.

    With that said…His ass shole do look nice though….

    Still point is. Dont bite the hand that feed you cuz karma is a bitch.

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