Where There Is An Alleged Groupie, There Is Stephen Curry?

920x920why do the she-hyenas want stephen curry to cheat on ayesha curry so bad?
lord ham…
it’s like they want ^this beautiful family to see a quick downfall.
aren’t we tired of the stereotypes in the baller wolf forests?
so if you were watching the nba finals,
you may have caught this moment.
a vixen looking like she was far up stephen curry’s “grillz”.
peep the video via the shade room

it is very convincing.
she was looking at him the way i look at thanksgiving dinner.

“din din”

according to the vixen in question,
she wasn’t actually looking at stephen like that.
this is her side of the story:

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 7.49.09 PM

she got dragged for her statement.
i mean…
the poor vixen got the dragggggggeeeeedddd.
it’s bad enough:

 …she represents everything ayesha made a critique about.
never forget what had the forests all riled up:


it got so bad,
the thirsty vixen’s mama had to jump in.
i actually don’t see any smoke in the background.
if she was part of his concubine,
she definitely wouldn’t be that close especially with wifey in the building.
i know enough straight wolves to know.
she maybe fuckin someone else on the team tho.
her pussy seems like it’s familiar with baller wolf meat.
a true “side” knows their place anyway.
i wouldn’t be so obvious.
i saw this tweet from klay thompson’s vixen about the situation also:

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 8.19.48 PM

so it looks like the thirsty vixen is trying to get chose.
nothing to see here.

lowkey: isn’t this cute…

tumblr_o6gudaTfQn1srua3po2_540that made me all warm inside.
i want a wolf to look into my eyes like that.
i don’t understand why some vixens are so excited about this.
would they be so excited ifffffffffffffff
it was their husband and a potential groupie?

i’ll wait.

pictures and videos: parents mag | the shade room | @get it_ rose

15 thoughts on “Where There Is An Alleged Groupie, There Is Stephen Curry?

  1. She’s trying to be saved LMAO!! The real question is HOW did she get those floor seat tickets?? We all know what these girls (and boys lol) have to get up to if they want to sit that close to the game. Because it surely wasn’t “VIP tickets”.

  2. If she’s not a groupie then she wears the uniform well. I mean, who comes to basketball games in a halter and a skin tight skirt? the groupies and thirsties trying to get chosen. A young, stable, black family is so uncommon and such a rarity that people dont know how to take it. The fact that they do put up a united front and seem happily married al most makes people go harder to crack him. I just hope they doesnt end up fucking up like Kobe dumb ass and make his wife have to eat her words

  3. Yeah i don’t believe this, just people being silly and blowing up rumors from scratch, like the Chris brown picture with the other pretty boy. Also this chick looks miles ahead of Stephen curry and his hairline,just like his fivehead. I agree that Status is the only thing that he has. If i he was just like everybody else and i saw him on the street i would look right through him just to watch paint dry.

  4. Who were those three cute men walking in the hallway with her in that video? And also, I ain’t mad at the Vixen for doing her thang.. She is no different from a Wolf who is on the hunt. If your husband gets weak for THOT pussy then oh well…😗

  5. First Steph is not all that. Status is pretty much his only leverage.

    Great athlete but he doesn’t exude “beat the box up” persona that most women or gay men like.

    He lacks sex appeal so any groupie trying to get at him would be doing so for sport.

    Furthermore, I don’t completely buy into the happy “high yella family unit” the NBA has them trying to sell.

    1. I’ll say this…ya’ll can have that one. Steph does NADA for me. Now Adre Iguadola…let me at him!
      As for the lady..she screams groupie…whether she was there with her man or not. Her pics scream I’m looking for a payday. Next time we see her, she’ll be with a player, whether NBA, NFL, or MLB. Whichever player has the biggest “paycheck”. LOL

    2. Wait now Jay. The man is fine now, even though he does lack the persona and sex appeal the groupies want. For those reading, sex appeal has nothing to do with physical appearance, the two are completely different.

      I actually thought Lebron and his family would be first family of the NBA, but that did not happen.

      1. Nope sorry, not attractive at all. Light aint always right.

        Does nothing for me.

        Steps and his family are a more accepted kind of black that whites find less threatening than Lebron

      2. Remember, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. What you may like, may not appeal to others…and vice versa.

  6. Poor gal her response seem to be in fun and she got dragged for not coming off apologetic enough. Hell if I looked as good as she did I would have said something similar lol

  7. This has been blown way out of proportion. First of all, this woman was there with her boyfriend from what I have read. The responses this woman has been getting is been crazy. She was not even looking at him lol. If she is just at every Warriors game, you know she probably has a boyfriend or at least a sponsor within the organization. C’mon people lol.

    1. I forgot to add this as well. Y’all know Steph ain’t cheatin. If he ever does, he will never be caught, and the same goes for Chris Paul as well.

      Someone commented on that woman’s page and said that Steph is gone shoot a three into a thot and get triplets. I can’t lol. The worst thing this woman could have done was look in his direction.

  8. I think Ayesha would whoop dat ass if need be…and that lil’ rambunctious lil’ girl of theirs would come behind w/ a coupl’a kicks of her own…

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