Where There Is An Alleged Groupie, There Is Stephen Curry?

920x920why do the she-hyenas want stephen curry to cheat on ayesha curry so bad?
lord ham…
it’s like they want ^this beautiful family to see a quick downfall.
aren’t we tired of the stereotypes in the baller wolf forests?
so if you were watching the nba finals,
you may have caught this moment.
a vixen looking like she was far up stephen curry’s “grillz”.
peep the video via the shade room
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Double D Status: NBA Rookies ’09

I wander over to the NBA once and a blue moon for eye candy.
Unfortunately, a majority of  them are tall ugly dinosaurs that roam those parts.

(I have a mild crush on Lebron. Purely sexual though.)

But I do not get the hype.
BB Players are tall and lanky.
I see alot of that in my hood and they are the typical dude I see on an everyday basis.

But I was looking at the new Rookies this season and I came upon a couple that are cute/fine/borderline raise my horny.

I might expand my horizons and do more NBA Daddy peepin.

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