Free Morgan

free-willy-tcno pervert.
pull your pants up!
this is actually about something sad.
well to me anyway.
so it use to baffle me that animals,
our smaller and wetter kind,
actually tried to commit suicide.
that is until a squirrel ran in front the road,
saw my car coming at the time,
and didn’t budge.
it was almost like “take me out my misery”.
i’m sure it gave me the middle paw once i didn’t hit it.
well that’s kinda what happened at sea world the other day.
sans car.
an orca named “morgan” wanted to set free her own willy.
peep this video and article via the ny daily news

SeaWorld is again drawing the ire of animal rights activists after a video emerged showing one of their killer whales beaching itself during a show at a zoo in the Canary Islands.

Activists said Morgan the whale was trying to commit suicide, while a statement from the Loro Parque zoo, which has the marine mammal on loan from SeaWorld, said she was exhibiting “natural behavior.”

“To speculate that this represents a sign of stress demonstrates utter ignorance about the natural behavior of this species,” the statement read.

Orcas are known to occasionally beach themselves while hunting but can crush their own internal organs if they stay on land for too long.

The video was posted by a non-profit animal rights group called Ric O’Barry’s Dolphin Project last week and quickly prompted social media backlash under the hashtag #FreeMorgan.

The Dolphin Project also issued a statement that said: “This is one of many examples of what is wrong with captivity. One would never see this bizarre behavior in nature.”

SeaWorld, which said that they would begin phasing out their orca whale shows earlier this year after widespread criticism, told Fox News that the animal was not acting irregularly.

“There are no concerns with Morgan sliding out as shown in the video as whales do this with some regularity,” SeaWorld told the network in a statement.

This isn’t the first time Morgan’s behavior has come to the attention of activists.

In April, the killer whale was videotaped repeatedly smashing her head into a metal grate inside a Loro Parque medical pool.

According to the Free Morgan Foundation, the whale was captured in the waters near the Netherlands in 2010 and has been in captivity ever since.

9k10t4it’s almost similar to how i feel every day going to that job of mine.
that is depressing.
at one point in the video,
morgan looked like she just gave up on life.
i feel like putting animals in cages for “show” is disgusting.
these animals should be roaming free in their own habitats.
they shouldn’t be treated like “exhibits” for our amusement.
just my thought.
the sad part with most of these captured animals is,
once they are let free into the wild,
most are killed by other animals very quickly.
thank you to the f-bi who sent me this story.
i know this sounds crazy,
but i hope morgan can find some peace somehow.

lowkey: this is the makings for a disney movie.
only thing is the ocra goes “bat shit” and eats it’s trainers.


i’d watch.
am i the only one who can tell when an animal is sad?
those horses in central park<<<<<
they often look like they’re in tears when i walk past them.
even when i went to the circus,
i could tell the elephants were depressed.

article found: the ny daily news

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “Free Morgan”

  1. Part of me wants to call bullshit on Seaworld because I’ve heard stories of the way they treat their sea creatures and such in the past. I believe one of their trainers was killed awhile back. BUT while I’m sad to hear this I don’t know enough info to comment fully.

    I have thought every once in a while that’s these animals should be in the wild but I can’t act like I haven’t been excited to go to the zoo or aquarium in the past as a child or hell even adult. Shit I’ve thought about going vegan in the past just because I like animals that much ( but I’m too dependent on the taste of meat).

  2. I have neva…EVAH…evaevaeva heard any of God’s creatures, besides man, engage in self annihilation…beyond sad this is kinda scary to me, idk…

  3. Zoos need to be abolished. Idk whether it’s true or not whether they beach themselves in their natural habitat, but this certainly isn’t their natural habitat. There is nothing natural about being in a zoo.
    I’ve been thinking about going vegan because I’m bothered by the idea at this point. It’s disturbing.

    1. Good for you, man. I’ve never been to a zoo or circus in my 24 years and don’t plan on it from they way the treat the animals and the fear of an animal escaping while I’m there.

      I’m also vegan!

      1. Yeah, I’ve only been when I was little, and once for a science class. Honestly, they’re not necessary, there are other ways to learn about animals rather than stripping them from their natural habitat.

        As for food, I’ve been considering going vegan for awhile now, but I’m going to wait until I’m fully independent to make the change, or at least until I get a better job situation. Recently I’ve been considering it more heavily, more for health reasons than anything. Our food, our water, it’s all polluted. I’m starting to feel like we’re eating pure chemicals. It’s disgusting what these industries have done. Capitalism ca be a great thing, but now it’s corrupted even our sustenance! Not good.

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