Chad Johnson Says He Can Only Offer 3 Inches of Solid Love

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 7.34.42 PMi still think chad johnson is the best dressed baller wolf in the game.
he still plays,
well he def knows how to wear some clothes.
( x my favorite outfit of his )
speaking of his bawdy,
he apparently only has 3 inches of love down below.
well i didn’t say it.
he did.
this is what he said in his latest instagram video via ny daily news

Chad Ochocinco showed off his abs on Wednesday claiming his chest is a full C-cup but his penis is only three inches big (or small).

The former NFL star shared a close-up video of his rock-hard abs to Instagram with the caption “2 months of McDonald’s before each workout.”

“My chest bigger than my girl chest right now,” he said. “Don’t let ’em tell you you can’t eat no McDonald’s.”

The 38-year-old then added a much more personal detail, “Only thing wrong with me is downstairs, I ain’t nothing but three inches.”

He continued, “But that’s alright though, I’m not worried about that because my personality make up for it.”

now chad…
now you know…
if you were only 3 inches,
evelyn wouldn’t have been “ugly cryin” all over our tv screens.

0fgUXMothis is why we love chad.
that humor of his.

lowkey: i hate the picture they used of chad in the new york times article.

article taken: ny daily news

12 thoughts on “Chad Johnson Says He Can Only Offer 3 Inches of Solid Love

  1. Chad is right. He had a leakage and his dick is nothing to write Mom and tell her about. I was. disappointed but he makes up for it in body and ass. I would not characterise it as 3 inches, and he is over doing it but one thing it isn’t is 9 inches. Probably a circumcised 7 at best.

    1. be tappin that Choklit booty right! (cyberdappin’ CreativecollegeNevets

  2. Well, we did see a print of him years ago on here. He is not small, but he is not a member of the mandingo club either lol.

  3. We’ve all seen that dick pic of his, so we know he’s not 3 inches. He needs to work on that personality of his. All that chocolate beauty don’t mean shit if your personality is arrogant AF

  4. Multiply that 3 times another 3…thats more like what CJ 85 is holding 🍆👅😂

      1. If you recall several years ago it is average length and thickness but I’m sure the verbal game takes care of it. Then again actually for several high end clients he utilizes the ____________ anyway

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