RIP Terence Crutcher

tulsa20n-1-webanother one.
another fuckin’ one.
you would think that police would cut this shit out by now.
it’s not like this happened once or twice.
this has happened a few times without any justice.
they are determined to show us blacks aren’t safe in this country.
everyone say goodbye to terence crutcher,
an older wolf from tulsa, oklahoma

he was murdered because his car stalled.
he was shot to death by this bitch:


…because he looked “dangerous”.
he was following all the rules and they killed him.
i’m sure she won’t be fired either.
she will be “suspended with pay”.
i’m tired ya’ll.
am i going to be murdered because i:

asked for help?
needed an ambulance?
wanted directions to the nearest bathroom?

i don’t understand it.
may terence crutcher rip and his family get the justice they deserve.

lowkey: has anyone noticed all the wolves who were killed have the same “look”?
it’s something i’m observing with these various police murders.

Is it just me who notices this?

i have yet to see a “wall street” or “drug dealer” type get killed.
nice car.
expensive shit.

it’s like they target poor blacks.
if i’m wrong,
please correct my ignorance.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “RIP Terence Crutcher”

  1. All different types of blacks are being killed. They don’t look the same. That was a bit ignorant. The muscle bound dark/brown skinned Instagram guys you constantly post look the same actually exactly the same..

  2. This genocide is getting too real at this point. They’re going to try and wipe out all 40+ million black people in the United States at this point

  3. Another man Keith Scott was killed in Charlotte,NC.His family say he was waiting in his car ,reading a book,waiting for his kid to get out of school.Police claim he had a gun but N Carolina is open carry state.You don’t even need a permit to carry a handgun.

  4. I can’t wait for a full investigation and see what the body cam reveals! Yet why did he put his hands down tho, and why they huddled against him, Im confused?

    1. If there is a cop indicted for this, I’ll be surprised. They will do everything in their power to justify this shooting, just like the rest. Even if they are indicted and it goes to trial, the cop will get off…just like Trey’s posting said.
      Whites will never understand, so it’s pointless to try and get them to. They will feign like they are concerned, but we know they could give two fucks.
      If we could switch places with them to get them to understand…that would be a wonderful thing.

  5. I had never thought about it but almost none of the people killed had been in new or expensive cars.Walter Scott,Sandra Bland,Philandro,etc all have been stopped in older cars.Eric Garner,Alton Sterling were selling cigarettes or CDs.

  6. What I’ve peeped and it’s pissing me off: officers nearby always ignore the situation or downplay it. It’s like their first instinct is to comfort the officer involved and plan for a defense. They have the mentality of gang members taking care of their own 😒

    1. ^it is very scary.
      i try not to look at them when i see them.
      although there was this one fine latino in the train station on duty.
      i had to remind myself he doesn’t see me as anything but a potential issue.

    2. Oh they will ALWAYS do that! They come together real fast to get their stories straight.
      They will ALWAYS look out for one another FIRST. No matter what is done to the perpetrator, that blue wall is sometimes, not always…impenetrable. Those with a conscience may say something, but they get turned on by the rest. People like that are facilitating criminal behavior and are no better than those who actually commit crimes.

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