if only we could have fathers like judge mathis

i’ll never forget an incident as an 8-year-old in  barbados.
one of my father’s friends commented i was “soft“.
it really hurt my feelings and of course,
he blamed it on being raised by my grandmother and mother.
when i told him how it made me feel when we reconnected,
and how he never defended me at that moment,
he legit brushed it off but told me how hurt he was that i was gay.
the same father that said he didn’t want to call my phone because:

“I didn’t want the man you might be with to beat you up because another man was calling you.”

If only we could have fathers like Judge Mathis

he has a new show on e! called mathis family matters.
when you watch stuff like this with his son,
greg mathis jr…

…is really encouraging tbh.
when you have a father that is supportive of your sexuality,
it’s imperative that you love and protect them as they do you.
It’s hard out here as many males expect their sons to be like them.

Unapologetically “Straight”

i’m sure my father would love if i was a sports star like him,
fuckin’ tons of vixens,
and probably juggling child support for my 3 bastard children.
nah homie,
i’m good.
kudos to judge mathis for being a supportive father to his gay son.
he could have been like jess hilarious,
who would be upset and disappointed if her son was gay.
she wants grandbabies and a beautiful daughter-in-law.
start at: 31:17

so it’s about…
it’s giving self-absorbed.

she does realize gays do adopt right?

I’m sure most straight parents would be disappointed.

that is the reality because it is a tough thing to comprehend.
it’s a new life change with a lot of questions.
they need to get TF over it.
it’s not about them; it’s about their kid’s life.
get educated and get supportive.

Author: jamari fox

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11 thoughts on “if only we could have fathers like judge mathis”

  1. I saw the Judge Mathis clip earlier today on another Blog and I was literally shocked that it went like it did. First of all I didnt know anything about his family life or who his children were, but man that scene almost had me misty eyed the way he felt emotions for his son, I have a new love for Judge Mathis after seeing this, I thought he was going to dodge the issue or be uncomfortable talking about it like a lot of men in his age range but I guess being a judge he has seen it all anyway. I am glad that his son and the Judges family agreed to show this and open them self up to the scrutiny that will come from doing this because it will help many families. Jess Hilarious on the other hand is a Bird, I follow her on IG and sometimes she is really funny and sometimes her takes on situation cause me to be embarrassed for her. You can clearly tell that she is not well read or well rounded. I can see her being the type of mother that says ” Im not having no Punks up in my house” and make her son feel really bad about his life choices. These Reckless discussion Promo’s I see on her page seem to be deal with a lot of Gay Themes but I assuming maybe because it is Pride month and one of the dudes is bisexual on the roster. I havent watched any of them but what I am sure its going to be on a lot of F*ck $hit if she is involved.

  2. So Greg, Kirk, Herschel, Earvin, Dwayne… all have gay sons. Greg has never been the one to disrespect anybody. On his show, he calls them how he sees them. He even cried for the boy who Uncle was abusing him because he wanted to get away from the streets.

    Now Jess, yeah she Jess with the Mess alright. She ain’t even funny to be honest!

  3. I love Judge Mathis and was shocked watching his show, cause idk why I had this idea that he was a raging homophobe!

    Anyway Jess never been Hilarious always was and will forever be trash!!

    1. I’ve read a lot of comments from people who also thought he was homophobic. I think some people have mixed Judge Mathis up with raging homophobe,Trump loving, misogynistic Judge Joe Brown.I remember Brown referring to a gay man as a heterophobe.He’s an idiot.

      I like the show and hopefully seeing Judge Mathis accept his son may inspire others to accept their gay children and their children’s partners/spouses.Also it’s nice to see a black gay couple on a reality show where there is not a lot of drama.

      1. No no no…I too have had an aversion to Judge Mathis for YEAAAAARS because of the homophobic jokes, comments, and statements he would make. So when I read that his son inhabited the forest and that he was supportive of him, I knew it had to be (at least in part) associated with a check. So no it’s not mistaken identity or “judge mix up”. Now if one wants to go as far as to say he has changed his perspective now that his own son is “family” then possibly. BUT it was not always that way and I do still think he is monetizing his support/acceptance.

  4. Wow.. I did a “Hard Pass” when I saw what I thought was another “Mindless reality show.”

    Thanks for bringing this content to my attention . I will tune in ( smile)

  5. I really enjoyed the Mathis family show yesterday. He accepts his son and his sons partner. He loves them. It was great to see!

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