bwok bwok, chicken head (kfc, please, whatever)

back in barbados,
i remember kfc being soooooooo good.
there was one down the street from our house.
every sunday,
my aunt would send over kfc for us to eat for dinner.
the chicken was GOOD and i loved eating the skin.

KFC’s chicken had the best skin in the business.

at times,
i preferred kfc over chefette even though i loved their rotis.
i came to america and kfc was cool but something changed.
they fucked up the original recipe and just like that…

Popeyes (and dare I say Kennedys) became the new chicken spot.

a patron was eating kfc the other day and look what she found

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the hyena that raped about 136 straight males

some males that you think got your best interest can be hyenas in disguise.
a foxholer sent me this really disturbing story that i wanted to share.
^that hyena has raped close to 136 males in england,
many of which were straight.

the guardian” had my mouth completely open…

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i love a good and sexy bisexual (ryan cleary is that good and sexy bisexual)

nothing better than a good and sexy bisexual.
i call them appetizers before you find your true meal.
so i would always see ^this wolf’s pics all over tumblr.
i thought he was cute af,
but of course,
i never got his name.
well his name is ryan cleary,
he’s from england,
and he’s bi.

a bisexual-bisexual from his own lips.
he is also a big reality star in his country too.
well ryan is on a new reality show in england called “the bi life”,
the show in which he came out on.
this is his intro videos sent from one of my foxholers today…
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Sam Smith Gets His “National Non-Negro Wake Up Call”

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 7.49.50 PM

“everybody wants to be a pineapple,
but nobody wants to be a pineapple.” – paul mooney, the chappelle show

if you visited the ( x fox-tionary ),
you know a “pineapple” means the “n” word round dese parts.
can i say this without being rude?
okay i’m going to try my hardest.

i love when the snow animals experience the “black” struggle

its all cute when they twerking flapjacks and rapping off beat…
snow animals tend to live in a bubble.
it might be ignorance or simply just being naive,
but when they get a dose of what it’s like to be “us”,
i’m always amused at their response.
 sam smith saw his black friend have a racist encounter.
he vented with a series of tweets + an instagram message
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