the hyena that raped about 136 straight males

some males that you think got your best interest can be hyenas in disguise.
a foxholer sent me this really disturbing story that i wanted to share.
^that hyena has raped close to 136 males in england,
many of which were straight.

the guardian” had my mouth completely open…

A man described as “Britain’s most prolific rapist” will never be safe to be released, a court heard on Monday, as he was jailed for a minimum of 30 years for 136 rapes against dozens of young men in Manchester.

Reynhard Sinaga, 36, a mature student from Indonesia, is thought by police to have abused at least 195 men over two and a half years after luring them to his flat under the guise of being a “good samaritan”, drugging his victims and then attacking them after they passed out. All but four of the 48 victims whose cases came to court were raped.

The student was proved to have committed 159 offences, including 136 rapes, which he filmed on two mobile phones. Police have yet to identify at least 70 of his victims.

Sinaga claimed his victims were enjoying acting out his sexual fantasy of playing dead during intercourse, but the defence was described as “ludicrous” and unanimously rejected by the four trial juries at Manchester crown court.

Many of the men could be heard on film snoring while he raped them. One man told the court he showed Sinaga a scan of his unborn child before he fell unconscious, dismissing the idea that he would have consented to what Sinaga claimed was “Fifty Shades of Grey-type stuff”.

Sinaga, who moved to the UK in 2007 at the age of 24, mostly preyed on undergraduates in their late teens or early 20s. They had typically gone into Manchester city centre “wanting nothing more than a good night out with their friends”, said Goddard.

The court heard Sinaga had a tried-and-tested formula for finding his victims outside clubs within a few minutes’ walk of his flat on Princess Street in central Manchester.

He would go out after midnight to wait outside clubs, usually Factory or Fifth, and prey on mostly heterosexual young men who had been kicked out by bouncers or lost their friends or partners. Some had no money for a cab home or their phone batteries had run out, while others had been sick.

All were in a state of inebriation when they were approached by the slight, smiling man in black-rimmed glasses, who appeared harmless. When he asked the men if they wanted to come back to his flat and sleep on the floor or have a few more drinks, they agreed.

The juries were told Sinaga kept men’s belongings as trophies and looked them up on Facebook. He texted a friend to boast about one victim: “He was straight in 2014. 2015 is his breakthrough to the gay world hahaha.”

that is so disgusting.
i’m literally about to throw up reading that story.
he literally took someone’s innocence and bragged about it.
there is a special place in hell for folks like him.

i’m very careful about taking drinks from anyone.
i like to see the bartender make my drink.
even if it’s a cup of water,
if i leave a cup anywhere,
i’m throwing it away.
i don’t care where i’m at.
never drink from a cup you left un-attended.
folks out here are evil and judging from this part in the article:

The defendant, who wore a knitted sweatshirt and black-rimmed glasses, smirked as he entered the dock beside two custody officers but appeared expressionless and bored for much of the sentencing. He yawned and played with his hair as harrowing evidence of the impact on his victims was read to a packed courtroom.

Addressing Sinaga, Goddard (the judge) said he had shown “not one jot of remorse” and told him: “Again, you seem to be actively enjoying the court process even as you stand there waiting to be sentenced.”

…they won’t give a fuck.
be careful out there foxhole.

low-key: do not mess with anyone who is drunk out their mind.
they can say they wanted sex while fucked up,
but wake up the next day and claim you took advantage of them.

if you’re both drinking,
make sure you’re both aware of what is about to go down sexually.
never fuck anyone who is shit faced and blacked out drunk.

that could land you in jail.

article cc: the guardian

9 thoughts on “the hyena that raped about 136 straight males

  1. He looks like that bitch that killed Gianni Versace. Oh ugly sick muhfucka. I hope somebody rapes him repeatedly in jail.

  2. I just dislike that some straight people think that’s how gay people think and it’s not. This sick fuck, should have been castrated if it was possible. He didn’t even care, he was in court probably getting turned on. I seriously hope somebody in jail rapes him with a broom or something else to teach him a lesson. Then again, I take that back. He will get his day

    1. ^i was disturbed with this story and legit thought about this too.
      the homophobia gonna use this against us like we are all predators.

  3. His utter lack of remorse and his smugness about all of this suggests he’s a sociopath at the very least, and a psychopath at worst. Some of these guys probably thought he was going to help them and they might get some easy twink tail in the process, but clearly he was evil beyond imagination. I just hope no bodies also turn up as a result of someone having dealt with this MF.

    That said, Happy 2020, Jamari, and wishing you the very best for this year (may the gods and zodiac work in your favor to start this decade)!

  4. He comes from a wealthy family in Indonesia. His family has turned their backs on him.

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