the one with the guy who had nut on his face and the two dicks in his hands

some males love giving head.
not just to vixens,
but to other males.
i’m sure you know that many males in these forests are bisexual.
sometimes the “bisexual” is secret.
as much as people make excuses for it,
i think it’s perfectly fine.
in my opinion anyway.
nyree unique allegedly for tired of the excuses from her wolf.
she outed her wolf/alleged baby daddy,
savon bowen,
on facebook for his alleged bisexuality

there is an alleged video:

the nut all on his face sent me.
i had to ask myself if this was real.
this is the excuse he told her:

so he got laced tw did the same actice and?
he seems like a head champ,
he got two dicks in both paws and ready to go.
i ain’t never been a headologist like that,
but kudos to him.
after he got outed,
he quickly deleted his facebook.
he can’t hide from all this alleged evidence tho.
i mean he got videos and pics of his activities.
i think they should have had this convo privately.
it could have saved him some embarrassment.

article cc: facebook

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

19 thoughts on “the one with the guy who had nut on his face and the two dicks in his hands”

  1. Did he say they laced his weed, with what, dick sucking abilities. Clearly thats a lie. He on the video slobbing and stroking another dick. It be different if he was sleep and the put a dick in his hand and in his mouth. I even seen videos where dudes were sleep on the train in Chicago and woke up to nut on they face. If his head was down and he had dicks in his hands and nut on his face, then yeah, he was a victim of dudes who do that when you pass out at they crib. Some of them, feel like, “I don’t care if you a nigga or a bitch; don’t fall asleep at my crib with yo mouth open.” I have heard and seen straight guys slap they dick on people slapped. That video, changes everything! That’s skills! He a pro dick sucker. He right up there with alldiswater on twitter. He get off sucking dicks and taking facials.

  2. This is disgusting and it’s also kinda messy (no pun). Now I wouldn’t advocate outing dudes in 2020…However, if you are in a relationship with a woman and have kids and do stuff like this on the side you need to be exposed.

    My 2020 headline (no pun) is “Don’t front, be upfront.”

    I take cheating seriously. I value loyalty at the end of the day. You break my trust, we break our ties. I would never cheat on my fiancee and I trust he never would do the same…even if I don’t believe in traditional marriage. I don’t share either….🙅🏽‍♂️ Looking is fine, even playful flirting. I do both, even when I come on here and look at dudes on posts occasionally. I’ll even show him. I don’t do the threesome thing tho. Big no.

    I am surprised she even took him back to be honest…because his excuse sounds tired. I don’t know for sure since I dont smoke or whatever but if they did that to his weed, can’t he take them to court or sue or something? Story sounds weird to me.

    She is probably hurting bad…I’m just surprised she took him back tho.

    I was about to say maybe it’s an age related thing but I remember I had an old ass DL professor that tried to sex me in college and he had a whole wife and kids. He was so disgusting. Talking bout his wife don’t have to know.

    Doesn’t it make you livid when men say stuff like this? It’s just like yo daddy telling some other woman your mama don’t have to know. 😡

  3. please that mf been sucking dicks for while who he trying to fool. he got more skills than some guys who say they are gay. a lot of dl dudes can suck the skin off a dick they just that good. whew but i’m confused why did she air his laundry when she took him back so I guess he knows how to sex her right too

  4. Tbh I don’t think anyone laced his weed. He seemed like he done it before with all that damn slurping. I just hope the leak doesn’t put him over the edge. Give it a month or so, and folks gonna be talking about something else. He has a kid tho and she shouldn’t see this…

    1. Agreed. This will not end well. Dude has been put out there. It is on the Internet forever now.
      She got angry and did a very stupid thing. She should’ve just confronted him (if she didn’t) and handled it that way. She didn’t need to put this out there on social media. People get killed for this kinda foolishness. anger makes us lash out and do stupid things that we normally wouldn’t do (some of us), but this was not the avenue for her to take. Now he faces ridicule, as do their kids (oooh yo daddy online sukkin dick), and no matter what happens…this is out there forever.

      Crazy part is after doing that, she takes him back! Why did you post it then?! She makes herself look just as stupid…especially with that weak ass excuse he gave.

      I can’t with these people nowadays. Are they THAT desperate to be with someone? I would’ve just left him alone, and co-parented with his ass as best as possible.

  5. No one laced his weed. Sure, things can happen when people are high, but a person’s identity remains the same regardless. How is this behavior going to come out of you if it is not already there in the first place? If his baby mama takes him back, that is on her because he is not telling the truth and the way he was working that hand was a dead giveaway.

  6. DWRCL… BOARCL……. umm so they LACED his weed…BOARCL…… and the bitch accept that fucking excuse…DWRCL……What a set of fucking clowns…..Twiddle Dee and Twiddle Dum……Nobody fucks anymore in private these days…everybody gotta film their shit……WHY?…….WTF……this is the generation that is in love with themselves….all they do is take out their phones , stare in it and make love to themselves and they film everything they fucking do including taking a shit………DWRCL…… they deserve each other..fucking clowns…HIM for being the stupid and careless ass he is and SHE for being the dumb ass beard he used her as that she always was.

  7. People need to learn to handle things in-house. She didn’t think about the ramifications this may have on the child they share, by publicly exposing their father. I’m not making excuses for his escapades, but it all could’ve been handled in a different manner.

    OAN: Hope this was a consented escapade. Drugs, blackmail, debts, etc. can put people in vulnerable/unsettling predicaments.

  8. What state do they live in? All but 4 states make revenge porn either a misdemeanor or felony. She could be doing time and he’ll be out getting as many facials as he likes!

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