i asked for charles and the foxhole got him for me

i won’t just give you “slo mo” shots.
so as you know marvin bienaime debuted a fine wolf the other day.
he had everyone fonting and wearing bibs to sop up the drool.
his name is charles aka charlie.
a foxholer sent me his file last night.
how about i KNOW charles tho?
i knew him from somewhere

i don’t “know-know” charles like in real life.
trust me if i did,
that would be my secret.
i know the “seen him on social media before” charles.
i stumbled upon charles before on tumblr.
matter fact,
he was in my favorites and i was gonna font about him.
when i first saw him,
i was momentarily stunned by how good he looks…


…and his swag.
the wolf knows how to dress.
i was fascinated all of his travel pictures too.
i love a good cultured fine wolf.
one day,
when i can afford it,
i hope to get some traveling in as well.

more from his dossier:
charles is in the military:

…which explains the travel budget.
he’s also allegedly 6’2 according to the foxholer.

where he lives is anyone’s guess.
he dated attentionista,
miracle watts,

so that’s all i got on charles at the moment.
he’s definitely a foxhole wet dream.
i wonder if marvin will release the bts from the shoot?
Lord knows i’m good on the teaser slo mo.

bless us marvin.
i’ve been a good fox.

lowkey: the foxhole knows and sees all.
they bring me back so much.
some things i haven’t posted.

i’m blessed to have such amazing folks in my foxhole.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “i asked for charles and the foxhole got him for me”

  1. Hey Charles! His facial kinda reminds me of a young Boris Kodjoe but as you say Jamari “I’ll allow it”
    Btw that gif made me holler! 😂😂😂

      1. That’s literally all I attract!!!! 5 foot 11 and up dudes who want to watch me f-ck a girl as they f-ck me. I’m too jealous and insecure so I keep throwing them back. I might have to direct them to this website. I’m also not really trying to date until I graduate. No distractions this last year and a half. They’re cool for friends but I don’t know if I could date one.

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