caitlyn jenner is flippin her wig over donald trump

caitlyn jenner makes me sick.
i don’t think she realized what she was signing up for.
you can’t be a republican and fight for trans rights at the same time.
it just doesn’t work.

well remember i wanted her reaction after yesterday’s entry?
( x see it here )
she gave one on her instagram filled with idiotic tears.
so she goes

check how fast she turned off the comments.
she knew that dragging was coming.
in my honest opinion,
and i’ve fonted it before,
but she’s nothing but a glorified cross dresser to me.
one who wishe she was a couple decades younger.
the “hip cool mom” of sorts.
it’s all about hair and costume for that one.
all her talk is about heels and dresses.
she got caught and i think they forced her to do this.
now she’s trying to play “hero” when she could care less.
i really don’t think she’s genuine,
but i’ll let a foxholer prove my theory otherwise.

lowkey: i love when she posted for donald trump to “call her”.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “caitlyn jenner is flippin her wig over donald trump”

  1. Caitlyn has always been problematic for me. She’s never had to experience the hardships and discrimination that many of us face day to day and fails to realize/acknowledge that so this pedatesdal she’s be put on by the media as a face/voice for the community is troubling. She’s in for a RUDE awakening just how real it is out here…. I wouldn’t be surprised if a transition back to Bruce was next on the bullshit roadmap.

  2. Oh fuck off Caitlyn. Nobody likes you. A walking contradiction.

    Imagine how Caitlyn once went from being the outcast in the K Klan (Bruce at the time) who people felt sorry for to now being somebody who people can’t stand. Exercising white male privilege by actively supporting the Republican Party to now trying to play Saviour when you realize that they arent for you or your community, despite the fact that people have countlessly reminded her about this.


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