was this reality show attentionisto paid as rsvp-enis to someone’s wedding?

i wont even hold you but…

The forest of male attentionisto escorts is so fascinating to me.

i’m really into it.
i’m learning that when “got it like that” gays travel,
they book the services of many IG ‘gay for pay’ attentionistos to accompany them.
the “got it like that” straights do it all the time with IG attentionistas.
i meannnnnnnnnnnz…
whats better than some good sex with your ultimate fantasy on hotel sheets?
many make a living working out to get smutted out.
it happens more than you think.

a Foxholer sent in an story about a reality show wolf who allegedly escorts.
he might have allegedly been the RSVP-enis for a wedding overseas

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