things to ask the foxhole about the upcoming podcast

so i’m so excited ya’ll.
i feel like things are starting to make sense again.
the upcoming podcast is shaping up to be something special.
karaoke and i had a long conversation about the outline and format today.
of course,
like the foxhole,
it’s going to be conversational opinion podcast.
for the first time in a while,
i found happiness in doing it.
of course,
i’m all for the foxhole getting involved.
so i have a question

What topics would you like to be covered?

foxmail will be better since it’ll be in audio.

What kind of merch would you like to see?

lemme know!

low-key: patreon will have special content for those who subscribed

Author: jamari fox

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12 thoughts on “things to ask the foxhole about the upcoming podcast”

  1. I want you to just be you and tell the real! hit them where it hurts ain’t Wendy lead by example give us all that greasy but of course I love aunty but she’s older and a lil out of touch learn from her mistakes and shine. You’re smart enough to not be having to apologize to anyone about anything keep it classy but keep it a party. I got faith in you and this project you’re going to shine! not everyone is gonna love you but let that be your motivation. keep these heauxs on they toes.

  2. As far as merchandise, Foxhole Dictionary definitions on shirts.

    Like Attentisto (Attenshuneesto) [Noun]

    One who is always doing the most on instagram and is a whore for likes

    Make it look like a legit dictionary definition with the word in bold, pronounciation in parenthesis and definition in italics for example

  3. For topics, call out celebrities who are doing trash things so it goes viral and people go drag them. Talk about stories the media ignores like all of these little black children being killed by their parents. Missing children who don’t get national coverage. Local politicians doing trash things that affect minorities and LGBT. Moments of silence for murdered gay and trans victims to bring awareness. Also sharing links to your podcast on gay White websites could bring controversy. They’d listen to hate on you, more ears and the mainstream would know your name!

    At the end of each podcast, maybe read poetry submissions or play music from new artists for listeners to judge/be exposed to new stuff.

    You could also shout out people who donate or send in interesting topic ideas so people feel encouraged to engage with you.

    Set up a Google Voice # so that people can call in without giving away your actual phone number.

  4. I think a podcast would be great. I can listen to it on days I wanna relax in the tub. I can see myself now with it blasting it in the bathroom.

    Bae: Turn that shit down!

    Me: Stay in yo own lane, nikka!

      1. No lie. I’mma be in the tub or in the bed listening to the podcast….loud af with some snacks too probably. I wish a nikka would say something.

  5. I am soo happy for you . Because you have such a variety of followers, your podcast should reflect the topics just like your blog. Entertaining yet informative.

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