i’m going to tell you a secret.

i have something i want to share with you.
just between us.
come here…

“name TBD”
Co-host: Karaoke

i couldn’t think of no better person to co-host with me.
so far we have been working on the outline,
which platform that will host us,
and other details to make this new experience awesome.
guests are welcomed and interviews will be conducted.
they’ll be better on air.
God willing,
it’s gonna be good fun and we’ll get to bond.
so stay tuned foxhole.
phase 2.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

27 thoughts on “i’m going to tell you a secret.”

  1. Soundcloud is a good option!

    Make some scandals to go viral with outlandish things you say! Like that Flames Monroe interview on the Breakfast Club. BREAK THE FOXHOLE AND THE INTERNET!!!!

    And I won’t let you get discouraged or forget. I’ll keep after you every month until the first podcast comes out. And if Karaoke doesn’t come through, do it solo.

    Don’t let this go the way of The Queen’s Court. #ChaseTheBag Coworkers are that. CO-WORKERS.

  2. A good platform for podcasting Anchor.fm. They will literally put your podcast on every available podcasting site like Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, Spotify and more. Im for it, can’t wait for the debut

  3. As soon as you tell me its available on “wherever you listen to podcasts”, I will be right there. So excited for you!!!!!

  4. So I don’t even listen to podcasts…but guess who’s gonna find some time for one. I already check the foxhole errday, might as well start stalking the podcasts too.

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