Bolo Is, Like, God (BONUS SHOT)

i’m still waiting on a fresh dick report from bolo for his files.
hard video evidence would be acceptable as well.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “Bolo Is, Like, God (BONUS SHOT)

  1. Damn that body is everything. He does have a nice dick tho cause last year I saw a video of him getting his dick licked by this woman on the stage. He got a nice size dick, beautiful body and cute face? Perfection.

      1. Mm a good man as in a good boyfriend? I don’t think so, but he definitely does seem like a wonderful cutty buddy to have amazing sex

  2. Hey J, you know this one of my top dream dudes along with Braylon Edwards, but that clip of him and the woman is on World Star and many gifs of his manhood are all over tumblr. Also he has this one video dancing in some CK underwear and when the light hits it just right, it leaves little to the imagination. He is huge is all I am going to say, will let the foxes have that lol.

      1. Hey Dean, just go to and put in Bolo in search engine. Dont wanna post no links to get J in no trouble if they are not approved for this site. He is also all over Youtube.

  3. There’s also a clip or gift of a girl giving him “African Headrolls” (head) at one of his shows. Btw, he’s the choreographer for the dancers on “Chocolate City”

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