i had an issue with how tyler perry portrayed gay males in his productions.
they were always embarrassing stereotypes with weird storylines.
for his new production,
a madea homecoming“,
he might be turning that around.
this is how he wrote a character coming out to family…


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although sometimes it drives me crazy when families says:

We already knew but just waiting for you to tell us!”

family members have the nerve to claim they “know ” this,
act homophobic about other gays,
but expect their cousin/nephew/son/daughter to feel comfortbale.

i liked how tyler wrote this scene tho.
the actor,
brandon black,
spoke more about it on “comingsoon.net“:

he is cute and i like that “jlo dress” shirt he has on.
can we get an id on his shirt?

i’ll allow it.
let’s hope for more of this from tyler’s creations.

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  1. Some didn’t like it because they just don’t like Tyler or didn’t get it. The movie had moments where it was like where are you going with this, the rest I couldn’t stop laughing. As far as Madea cursing, the more he evolves Madea, the more she becomes real to some. You can’t be a foul mouthed grandma using safe curse words when you can say those words. Madea was very censored back then and now she is not. Witness Protection was for the Studios, he had to tone her down and get a white audience. Now that he controls Madea, she is no longer censored. He has his own studio, his own network (he owns part of BET+), Netflix paid him to bring her back and not be censored. Tyler always turns his plays into movies and adds more to it. This time he gave the college roommate a family. Half the stuff in the plays are freestyle and ad-libbed. Only 2 characters can freestyle; Hattie and Bam.

  2. This movie plot line was nonsensical, the characters were straight out of a minstrel show, overall just awful. I was shocked how much cursing he did in this movie to say these Madea movies appeal to a more broader family oriented audience. I feel bad for investing time watching this but I was with family who wanted to watch it on our family movie night. I guess he does what makes him money but I hope we can expect some good movies coming from his production company to balance out this buffoonery.

    1. Love this comment cos this is literally what people said about Tyler Perrys productions way back when he was a travelling show. Now look what God did 👏👏so this is proof that in another 20 years Tyler wil be even more iconic n haters r still gon hate😈

  3. LOVED “A Madea Homecoming!” I may even start referring to myself as “Uncle Peaches.” Toooo much fun!

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