colton underwood,
the bachelor who ( x came out the closet ),
wasted no time finding a partner.
it’s just that easy for some people.
he got snatched tf up with the quickness.
colton is cute so i wouldn’t doubt it.
colton is fully engaged for 2022 via people

Colton Underwood and Jordan C. Brown are engaged.

PEOPLE can exclusively reveal that The Bachelor alum, 30, and the political strategist, 39, are set to marry.

“After my birthday, Jordan and I went to Big Sur for a weekend getaway to decompress and relax in nature,” Underwood tells PEOPLE. “I couldn’t have pictured a more beautiful place to celebrate an amazing milestone in my life and relationship.”

“I’m extremely happy! 2021 was the most transformative year of my life,” he continues. “Starting 2022 off with my best friend, teammate and now fiancé is something I never thought was going to be possible.” Underwood and Brown have been dating since the summer of 2021.

the body language in that picture is a bit strange but congratulations.
he didn’t go get a clone as most gays tend to do.
he got someone who looks pretty regular with a good ass job.

i’m guessing colton’s virginity left the building that summer too?

i’m gonna font a controversial statement.

I don’t think he should be engaged this fast.

…unless he has been dating someone for a long time.
gus kennedy said colton is ( x a baby gay ).
colton seems very new to this forest of gay.
he should be out there exploring,
having fun,
getting smashed stupid,
and learning about this new life.
he could be ready to settle down tho.
i dunno.
i feel like when the straights get engaged this fast,
it never works for them either.

It might be different for gays that found the one and are ready to settle.

we shall see.

article cc: people | see more: us weekly

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.


  1. I’m so glad Black don’t crack, I thought he was way older than 39. All that gray. Black don’t see all that gray until 50 or 60, if they even gray.

  2. This cat played abc he knew he was gay with that I’m a Virgin shit not feeling him or his news

  3. So we’re not getting a Colton reality show on Netflix. I was hoping to see him get passed around WeHo! No one wants to see a married couple drink coffee while reading the newspaper🙄

  4. I’m delighted for him. Apparently he found someone he could build a life with. He doesn’t seem like the kind of man who can “free fall”—live without a partner for very long, hence cementing the deal with this guy. Congratulations to them.

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