i was having a conversation with a friend and i said:

“You gotta be confident in your mess.”

i think many people like a mess.
i used the example of angelina jolie in the 90s.
as you know,
she was a mess

Kissing her brother
Fuckin’ in the back of limos with Billy Bob Thorton
Carrying around Billy Bob’s blood
Indulging in alleged drug use
A full-blown wild child

i’m sure when brad pitt use to see her in the 90s,
he probably thought she was a mess too.
angelina didn’t seem to be in the popular crowds in hollywood either.
i’m sure she was shunned and ridiculed by certain circles.

when she adopted her first kid,
it calmed her all the way down.
when she worked with brad on one of my favorite movies,
“mr and mrs smith”,
he got to know her and the rest is history.
the perfect jennifer anniston couldn’t even keep him anymore.
what i’m trying to font is:

Be confident in your mess cause your mess be your best.

i have an issue with people who play the victim while being a mess.
i was a mess,
still can be a mess,
and people knew me as a mess.
i have been judged because of my past messy actions.
i’ll admit that i didn’t always make the right decisions.
i was painfully insecure and allowed people to walk all over me.
not only that,
i was such a pick me for the wrong company.

That is what they knew of me.

i’m sure many males and vixens thought i was a mess back then too.
who knows who is attracted to me now since i’ve grown and evolved.
life has a way of turning the tables and making YOU the object of affection.
someone that claimed they would never date you end up being the one.
confidence is a huge turn on to people.
stand tall in what you have done.
some shit is truly minor in the grand scheme of things.
it made you who you are today and whoever you will be tomorrow.
love ya.


  1. She most likely had agents and managers in her ear telling her that diff things were good exposure. Then, she eventually grew up.

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