what was laverne cox thinking?
she often strikes me as someone who does too much.
she might have done the “muching” with the wrong  black power couple.
she was interviewing will and jada pinkett smith on the sag awards carpet,
she decided to bring up jada’s entanglement as a joke but…

…it was out of pocket for me.
if i was interviewing jada,
i’d never think to bring that up or even joke with her about that.
i forgot all about it tbh with you.
i’d be asking for that “girls trip 2” exclusive.

Her husband is standing right there.

i agree with aunt viv in this clip on fox soul:

i think people need to know their audience and shade limit.
you’re on a red carpet doing interviews.
this isn’t the wendy show doing “hot topics“.
laverne is an actress in black hollywood.
this isn’t some nobody couple from east bum fuck..

This is a famous black power couple.

it’s a dream to actually interview them together,
but to bring up a scandal from a few years ago as a joke?

it probably wasn’t the most brilliant decision.
for laverne’s sake,
hope will and jada have a sense of humor cause…


  1. There is a difference between private scandal and a public scandal. Lets look at what she said tho, she didn’t go into details about the scandal, all she said was we need more Red Table and them entanglements. She didn’t ask anything personal and everybody knows Will & Jada, if they said something or somebody asked something, they will handle it right there. When you can control your narrative, there isn’t a wrong question to ask or answer. Yes we forgot about it, but the interview had nothing to do with the scandal. It was a great interview asking the right questions and especially getting it from Will & Jada, at the same time. She focused on King Richard and their outfits, she was doing her job. Had it been from some journalists walking up to them randomly and specifically bringing that scandal up, it would definitely be disrespectful because that’s your main purpose. She did her job and she did it being who she is, that may have been the reason The Smith’s did the interview. When was the last time anybody got an interview from them since then. He did Aladdin.

  2. now you have NEVER heard Laverne talk about her ‘member” MEANWHILE Jada literally coined the term ENTANGLEMENT after having a whole Red Table Talk about it! That comparison does not make sense.

  3. Very, Very classless on Laverne’s part. Now if someone asked her she still had her “member” then she would’ve been mad. Also Will and Jada are very connected in the industry, they could’ve help her out behind the scenes.

  4. They put that out tho so I didn’t feel any way about it we wouldn’t know shit if she didn’t tell the red table audience

    But Laverne is messy just like when she and Angelica tried it with the whole giggling over trans attracted men

    She’s another weird one who talks against her own cause

    If you want to be accepted why are you basically snickering over men being attracted to trans women in the industry ?

  5. That’s kinda like someone asking sister-woman if she still “tucks.” Not smart. Not cool.

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