what was laverne cox thinking?
she often strikes me as someone who does too much.
she might have done the “muching” with the wrong¬† black power couple.
she was interviewing will and jada pinkett smith on the sag awards carpet,
she decided to bring up jada’s entanglement as a joke but…


When Your Career Is In “Doubt”

^that is laverne cox about to tackle her for ruining this check.
i don’t get the following.
i do.
i remember when izzie stephens,
played by katherine heigl,
became the “it vixen” on grey’s anatomy.
as soon as any vixen from a tv show becomes “it”,
she is put into a ton of movies to raise her fan base.
“knocked up” and “the ugly truth” where her big movies during her prime.
well katherine heighl is the example of “biting the hand that feeds you”.
after a long list of flops,
she got on a show called “doubt” on cbs.
well after two episodes,
it’s been cancelled.
check out why via ew
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Laverne Cox Wears Celebrity Diva Drag

janet3janetjackson73665361024768-640x480janet jackson’s “janet” cover is what you call:


*joanne the scammer voice*

i couldn’t resist.
well laverne cox tried to re-create for cosmopolitan and well…
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Baller Wolves Who Love Transgenders Need To Come Out!

laverne_cox_instagram…according to sophia,
aka laverne cox,
from “orange is the new black”.
she says straight wolves of any kind,
who date transgenders secretly,
should come out with it so others can feel comfortable.
she also says they get stigmatized more than transgenders as well.
well here is the article from the huffington post
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Laverne Cox: How To Ruin Your Career in 60 Seconds?

Screen-Shot-2014-01-13-at-7.56.47-AM…and the backlash has begun.
so laverne cox aka sophia from orange is the new black has apparently lost her mind.
yeah i said it.
laverne decided to bring awareness to a very weird cause.
well to a fellow transsexual who is currently in jail.
ima need you to check out what it was exactly…
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A Boy, Born A Girl, Named Laverne?

Screen Shot 2014-08-06 at 8.57.13 AMso before i start,
i just have to say that i like sophia on “orange is the new black”.
i believe that is who laverne cox,
the actress who plays sophia,
really is.
well laverne,
as you should know,
is transgender.
she appeared on “cbs this morning” and had to correct oprah’s bestie,
gayle king,
about how felt she was born real quick.
this is what was said…

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