A Boy, Born A Girl, Named Laverne?

Screen Shot 2014-08-06 at 8.57.13 AMso before i start,
i just have to say that i like sophia on “orange is the new black”.
i believe that is who laverne cox,
the actress who plays sophia,
really is.
well laverne,
as you should know,
is transgender.
she appeared on “cbs this morning” and had to correct oprah’s bestie,
gayle king,
about how felt she was born real quick.
this is what was said…

Transgender actress and activist Laverne Cox stopped by “CBS This Morning” last week to discuss “Orange Is The New Black” and other projects she is currently engaged in. However, the public figure once again found herself having to answer questions about her transgender identity and, at one point, corrected anchor Gayle King about the accurate ways to discuss transgender experience.

King: “Let’s let people know about you, Laverne, because you were born a boy but–

Cox: “I was assigned male at birth is the way I like to put it, because I think we’re born who we are and the gender thing is something someone imposes on you. And so I was assigned male at birth but I always felt like I was a girl.”

This isn’t the first time Cox has found herself having to educate talk show hosts about the correct language to use when discussing transgender identity and experience.

am i the only one who didn’t take offense to what gayle said?
i probably would have said the same.
i know this is a sticky subject,
and a lot of people online didn’t understand what laverne meant,
but i will say this
i always believed that people were born the way they are.
i felt i was.
i didn’t wake up one random whatever-day,
in the middle of breakfast,
and decided i was gonna do “wolves” for the rest of my life.
athletic ones especially.
you know i really really reallllllly like those ones.
it just came with the territory of my life.

as far as the transgendered community,
i also believe they are the same way.
if not,
they would be drag queens.
so they were born either male or female,
BUT they felt like they were the opposite sex deep down inside.
they had to feel it,
to go about transitioning,
to ultimately become transgendered.
just like gays felt it,
and decided somewhere down the line,
whether or not they wanted to act on it.

Am I right or wrong?

lowkey: even tho i like sophia,
crazy eyes aka uzo aduba DEFINITELY should win the emmy.

article courtesy: the huffington post

14 thoughts on “A Boy, Born A Girl, Named Laverne?

  1. It’s a nuanced thing, but in Gender Studies, and probably in Laverne’s thinking, there is a difference between biological sex and and gender. Biological sex, male and female, is scientific; it’s genes, it’s the “you are what you are, no matter what you think” some of you are talking about. Gender, man and woman, on the other hand, is a social construct of roles, expectations, and norms imposed on the different biological sexes to distinguish them for social reasons; think about how boys are raised vs how girls are raised and expectations for each. Sex is what we are, gender is how we are expected to behave, look, and think based on our sex. Laverne Cox is a male, but she and many transgendered people do not believe their body matches their gender. She believes her gender is feminine, she believes she is a woman with all that that means since birth, even though she had a male body. She changed her male body to match her native female gender.

    When Gayle said you were born a boy to Laverne, it wasn’t offensive, but it wasnt accurate in Laverne’s mind or many transgendered people’s minds. She was born a male, with male parts, but she was never a boy. She was dressed as a boy, and probably forced to act as a boy is expected to act, until she could change her body to match the girl/woman she always felt she was.

    I agree that she probably needs stop annoying people who are trying to support her, but I just wanted y’all to know where she’s coming from.

  2. This shit is ridiculous. Trans people have the right to do and feel what they please. However this does not change reality which I believe many of them are detached from. Humans being male or female is not contingent upon the belief that we are or not, we simply are. Intersex is a different issue and is separate from being transgender.

    The reason why I judge it is because its not just that they reason with themselves a certain way, its because they also want to impose that same thinking on everyone else. The want everyone to accept them as the gender that they feel they are as if what you know to be a man and a woman is now obsolete so that their reality and reasoning is the standard of truth.

    Its unfortunate but your feelings don’t change reality. I could say that I believe I should have been white and get surgery and bleach my skin so that physically I appear white. Does that change the fact that I am actually black? If I had kids with a white woman would my kids suddenly not be bi racial? I don’t enable trans people’s logic because it is flawed and purely based on emotion.

    1. Churchhhhh!

      It’s best they stay from around me, because I’m not feeding into that shit.


  3. Well there are also people who believe Gay people are born Straight.They believe you were molested and turned Gay.
    Laverne was born with a penis but in her mind she has always felt like a girl.There are intersex people who are born male chromosomes and female reproductive organs
    Having a penis doesn’t make you a man.If that was the case the rapper who just cut off his penis is no longer a man.He is a man because in his mind he is a man regardless of what is between his legs.

  4. but, what happens if you have both? I tend to allow people to let them address how they want to address themselves, and I think Trans people have it rough already, on top of everything else; so, who are we to ignore their reasoning. If they believe that they were born in the wrong body or label it as “wrong assign identity”, then why should we judge it?

  5. I know I’m not trans so I wouldn’t understand but I disagree with her. We aren’t assigned gender. You’re either born with a penis or a vagina. Like Lindo said, that’s nature.

  6. She’s wrong. She was born as a male the same way she was born to think she is a female. How can you be assign to something? This is not business, this is nature.

    1. Because as she just explained to you, she wasn’t born a boy she was assign to be a boy! People, People, People, Huhhh! It’s like fishing from ah bucket with some illogical beings but Any who just because you are anatomically way doesn’t mentally on the other hand necessarily mean you’ll feel that way.

      1. That is stupid. She peed standing up until she chopped her dick off. Mentally she wanted a uterus. She is making things more complicated than it is

  7. Laverne is likeabe. As long as she has been around, the public has taken a liking to her and you really do not hear a lot of negativity. I can’t wait for the new season of the show.

  8. I wasn’t offended by it because I’m not trans but I definitely do see how Laverne or any other trans woman or man could be offended by it.

    You’re right about them having to feel it though. Who would go through all those hormones and surgeries just to do it?

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